January 17, 2015

Libertarian Craig announces for WI US Rep seat

By Mark Wachtler

January 17, 2015. Milwaukee, WI. (ONN) Wisconsin Libertarian Andy Craig is showing when a campaign should be launched - immediately after the previous election cycle. He waited less than two months after the midterm election for Wisconsin’s 4th US Congressional seat to announce his candidacy for the post in 2016. Andy Craig is a young Libertarian in a heavily Democratic district. But he’s saying and doing all the right things, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive race.

Andy Craig, 2016 Libertarian candidate for US Rep from Wisconsin. Image courtesy of Andy Craig.


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Andy Craig for US House

As reported by our friends at Independent Political Report this morning, Craig previously ran for Wisconsin Secretary of State as a Libertarian and received 59,000 votes. That total was enough to award the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin ‘major party status’ in the state. A supportive comment posted at the end of the article by a reader gives some advice worth re-printing.

The Libertarian Party supporter gives candidate Andy Craig two pieces of advice - use this time to recruit a slate of State Rep and State Senate candidates in the districts that make up US CD 4 and campaign as a team. And he suggests Craig run for a lower office like State Rep next time, where he would have a much better chance of winning.

For his part, Andy Craig doesn’t see himself as a long shot, but a viable alternative to the one-party system that runs Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District. A copy of yesterday’s candidacy announcement from Libertarian Andy Craig can be found at WisPolitics.com. In it he says, “The 4th District, for good and valid reasons, will probably never elect a Republican. But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with a Democratic incumbent for all time.”

Meet Andy Craig

In his press release yesterday, the candidate describes himself saying, “I consider myself a pragmatic libertarian. ‘Fiscally conservative and socially liberal’ is often used to describe us. But I think if we’re being honest, that also describes a majority of Americans. Our bifurcated House of Representatives is profoundly unrepresentative of this common-sense consensus.”

Craig goes on to say, “I'm an anti-war free-market individualist, a civil liberties advocate for smaller government, who believes in criminal justice reform and simplifying and lowering taxes. I don’t want to go to Washington to impose my view of the good life on 330 million Americans. I just want to defend your right to make your own decisions, at the local level and as individuals.”

The Libertarian Congressional candidate’s campaign Facebook page answers the question - why run as a Libertarian? Andy Craig replies, “I'm running as a Libertarian because I don't think I can truly represent the voters, unless I am honest in my campaign about the fact that I think both old parties are part of the problem. Neither of them represents a set of ideas that can move America forward to a freer, more prosperous, more peaceful future. I’m intending to offer something different, and I can’t do that by being part of the problem in either the Republican or Democratic parties. Instead, I intend to proudly represent The Party of Principle in this election.’

To find out more about what the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is working on, visit LPWI.org. Or follow all of the Wisconsin Libertarians’ news and announcements streaming live 24/7 on the Wisconsin Page of the Opposition News States section.



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