January 29, 2015

Independent American Party - calling all Lone Wolves

By Mark Wachtler

January 29, 2015. Salt Lake City, UT. (ONN) Somebody must have lit a fire under the Independent American Party because we haven’t written about them in a long time and suddenly, we have two reasons to write about the IAP. First, the Party tabulated its registered voters in Utah and it shows the IAP on par with the Libertarians and larger than the Constitution Party. Second, a Party announcement yesterday shows IAP leaders have retooled their strategy and have found a new energy to carry it out.

Kelly Gneiting, IAP National Chairman.

Utah - IAP country

Last week, the Independent American Party announced that its total of registered voters in Utah was larger than the Constitution Party and on par with the Libertarian Party. Without any commentary, the raw registration data lists the top 5 political parties in Utah in order of their registered members. The GOP showed why the state is the deepest red of any in the nation with 593,315. The Democrats were only a fraction of that number at 114,911.

But it’s the next three spots that get interesting. Each Utah county is listed along with its corresponding number of registered voters, broken out by party. The Libertarians come in third with 7,722. The Independent American Party is fourth with 5,958. And the Constitution Party is fifth with 3,646 registered members. Comparing only the three opposition parties, the percentages break out as; LP - 44%, IAP - 35%, and CP - 21%.

Another interesting stat taken from the data is the number of counties where each political party is the largest opposition party in that county. One might think that every county in Utah would have a similar percentage as the state average for each of the three parties. But in reality, each party has its own strongholds throughout the state. In 10 counties, the Libertarians are the largest opposition party. In 9 counties, it’s the IAP. And in 7 counties, the Constitution Party is the largest.

See the full chart from the Independent American Party.

George Washington and Sun Tzu

You know you’re on the right path when you find yourself quoting Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’. And that’s true whether you’re talking politics, business or war itself. In the announcement to Party supporters, IAP’s National Chairman Kelly Gneiting describes some of the topics discussed at a Party meeting two days ago. He recalls George Washington and the founder’s outnumbered fight for freedom.

“In Washington’s army, George Washington himself proclaimed ‘Every post in this Army is a post of honor,’” Gneiting quotes the grandfather of our country, “And in the Independent American Party, every post in this Party is a post of honor. Even ‘lone wolves’ (I won’t mention any names) can be led to do good and be productive to organized efforts.”

The IAP’s National Chair goes on to explain, “A theme of yesterday’s meeting was the ‘organizing between many people’ versus ‘being a lone wolf’. The evolution of being a patriot was discussed; how folks go from 1) learning about the corruption to 2) being a ‘lone wolf’ to 3) organizing and actively being a part of something much, much bigger.”

Without reprinting the entire Party report, Gneiting makes a passionate and powerful appeal to not just current Party supporters, but the millions of Americans we’re all very familiar with - those who’ve just had their eyes opened, or as the newest generation calls it, been enlightened. Their TV-inspired reality has been shattered by knowledge and the truth. But that’s as far as they’ve come.

Knowing about it isn’t enough

These newly awakened fellow Americans of ours are horrified and angry by the corruption and lies all around them that they never saw before. They read these articles, donate a couple dollars around election time to their favorite Party, and even show up to an event once in a while. But they haven’t taken the next step of getting fully involved, with the Independent American Party, or any other opposition party. We all have those supporters, and there are more and more of them every day.

The IAP’s Chairman asks, “Will we apply the principles of Sun Tzu, and God’s advice revealed through His prophets and scriptural battle-proven leaders, or do we stubbornly believe God’s solution to America’s demise is scrambled and disorganized, made of many ‘lone wolves’ shooting in the dark without any sort of coordinated effort?”

Gneiting continues, “Some don’t know there’s a battle going on. The vast amounts of others are opening their eyes to the battle scene itself in all of its horrors. Others have recognized the battle for some time but have not the courage to enter it. And then there are we who are engaged in the battle, with part of us CHOOSING NOT to include ourselves in the organized IAP efforts.”

The Independent American Party National Chairman closes the Party’s announcement with a sentiment worthy of repeating. To this author, it illustrates once again that America’s opposition parties on the left and the right are often fighting for the same fundamental things.

“Efforts of patriotism are efforts WE put upon ourselves,” Kelly Gneiting explains on behalf of IAP, “The fuel of real patriots is volunteered service to fellowmen, with that service being its own reward. The motivation of real patriots is a love of fellowmen, and a great desire for equality, while loathing any condition or act of government or anyone that would be abusive, oppressive or unjust.”

Read the full announcement from the Independent American Party.


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