March 14, 2015

Crush The Duopoly launched to aid the Opposition

By Mark Wachtler

March 14, 2015. Sioux Falls, SD. (ONN) There is a new addition to America’s political opposition. Crush The Duopoly is the name of the group, website and idea just launched by South Dakota Constitution Party State Chair Lori Stacey. If you like Opposition News, Ballot Access News, Independent Political Report and Free and Equal, you’re going to love Crush The Duopoly. Lori brings the experience of a State Chair and recent candidate, along with the wisdom of a national leader pledging to work on behalf of all independents and opposition parties across the country.

Crush The Duopoly is organizing to help independents and opposition parties. Image courtesy of

Crush The Duopoly founder Lori Stacey is no stranger to battling the two establishment parties, along with the rigged election system put in place to protect them. This past 2014 General Election, she was the Constitution Party nominee for South Dakota Secretary of State. In a four-way race, Stacey finished a distant third, but ahead of the Libertarian candidate. With that experience, along with her time as a State Chair, this new figure on the national stage is saying and doing all the right things. It doesn’t hurt that her idea is brilliant and long overdue.

Crush The Duopoly

According to the organization’s website, ‘It is time for the American people to unite and throw off the chains of 2 major party bondage. Stand up on your own set of principles. Have the courage to stop supporting either evil. Help us get back to individual liberty and justice for all.’ It goes on to say, ‘This site is dedicated to substantially advancing the growth and support of Independents and all 3rd Party members/candidates that share our vision!’

In a nutshell, the group’s core objectives are the exact same as ours here at Opposition News - to get people to stop voting for the lesser of two evils, to make the process fair for everyone, and to eliminate the obstacles the two establishment parties have put in place to keep independents and third parties off the ballot. After 25 years of fighting this fight, your author would try almost anything to accomplish those noble goals. Because we’ve had very little luck over the past two and a half decades.

Fortunately, Lori Stacey and Crush The Duopoly have put together a concrete, specific, two-phase campaign to wage the battle. The best part is that it’s an effort that all of us, including all of America’s opposition parties, can get behind and support. ‘We will never get good people elected into office until we fix the core problems in the election process,’ their website explains, ‘CrushTheDuopoly has a multi-faceted plan to tackle these critically important issues.’

Phase 1

Crush The Duopoly’s goal in Phase 1 is, ‘To inform, educate and gather people together with the goal of encouraging our fellow Americans to stand up on principles and stop supporting the corrupt 2 major parties. Whether through changing to Independent or finding a 3rd party that better represents your ideals, the goal is to stop supporting and making excuses for the unconstitutional and corrupt actions of elected officials and major party leadership in both the Democrat and Republican parties.’

Some of the specific items Lori Stacey and her organization suggest targeting first are the widespread unfair ballot access laws. This author has long advised opposition candidates to make that one of their top issues, for the sympathy vote if nothing else. Here in Illinois, to run for US Representative an independent or third party candidate needs to collect 20,000 signatures. By comparison, Republican and Democrat candidates need only 500. According to the group’s founder, unbelievable but true facts like those are key to waking up the American people.

Phase 1 also includes a nationwide campaign to ban electronic voting systems with no way to check the accuracy of the results. Such machines are already in use in a host of states, counties and local municipalities. It’s also typically no surprise to find that the strongest advocates for electronic voting are Republican and Democratic elected officials that happen to own large stakes in the companies that provide the machines.

Phase 2

If readers like the sound of Crush The Duopoly’s Phase 1 ideas, they’re going to love the prospects for Phase 2. According to the group’s founder, “If we find significant support through Phase 1, then we will get into Phase 2 which is projected to be before the end of the year in time to begin the endorsement and support phase through the establishment of CrushTheDuopoly PAC’s.”

The group plans to have local teams across the nation that will raise money, investigate election fraud, and endorse candidates, but only for independents and third parties. The website promises to, ‘Organize like-minded individuals to help establish and support a federal and 50 individual state Political Action Committees under the banner of Crush The Duopoly for the purpose of supporting, promoting and endorsing minor party and Independent candidates ONLY!’

Currently, Crush The Duopoly is relying on those of us in the opposition to help spread the word about their effort and idea. And to help raise funding, they’re offering a commemorative .999 pure silver or copper coin to donors depending on their level of support. For example, a one ounce pure copper ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ coin can be yours for a donation of as little as $15. For more information, visit


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