November 19, 2014

Sen Rand Paul - no friend of the Opposition

By Mark Wachtler

November 19, 2014. Louisville, KY. (ONN) Which pearl of wisdom is more correct - Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Or, an enemy inside your house is more dangerous than an enemy outside your house? Kentucky US Senator Rand Paul is currently waging a one-man war against independents and opposition candidates across the country. He’s coordinating with the elites of Washington and Wall Street and going after independent media outlets. You may have even seen one of his campaign commercials in your state telling you not to vote independent.

Kentucky Republican US Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. Image courtesy of MSNBC.

US Senator Rand Paul

“With friends like Sen Rand Paul, who needs enemies.” That’s the sentiment that continues to grow among America’s independent, conservative and libertarian voters. And with the exception of Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), probably no member of Congress has the support of independent and opposition voters across the country more than Sen Rand Paul (R-KY).

That’s why GOP Party bosses used him in campaign commercials this election asking independent and opposition voters not to vote for the independent or opposition candidates on their ballot because it would cause Republicans to lose their respective races to Democrats.

This isn’t the first time the darling of the Republican Tea Party has used his friendships with the opposition to politically stab them in the back. Many former fans of the father and son team of former Congressman Ron and current US Senator Rand will insist that both men betrayed their national voter base by selling out to the GOP.

Pauls betray their independent base

In August 2012, the betrayal was complete and no secret. Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was the last remaining challenger to Mitt Romney and Paul was surging to what many believed would be a victory in the GOP Primary. Republican State officials were resigning in disgrace, admitting they had to steal their state’s election for Romney. Paul delegates had their legitimately won credentials revoked and secretly given to Romney delegates.

And to top it off, only days before the Primary in Ron Paul’s home state of Texas, with its massive number of delegates, a secret, backroom deal was seemingly hatched in which Ron Paul would drop out of the race and endorse Mitt Romney, horrifying his independent and libertarian voter base. It wasn’t any secret – the RNC was trading the 2016 Republican nomination for Romney’s 2012 nomination. In other words, if Ron Paul dropped out and let Mitt Romney win, the GOP establishment would support his son Rand for President in 2016, thus assuring him the Party-controlled nomination.

What tipped all of that off was the fact that just prior, Sen Rand Paul officially endorsed Mitt Romney over his own father. Regardless of whether a dirty backroom deal was in place, most honorable independent voters saw that particular betrayal as an indicator of Rand Paul’s true character, or lack thereof.

Rand Paul attacks independent journalists

Immediately after Sen Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney over his father Ron Paul, two independent journalists asked the Senator the question no establishment news outlet dared to ask – how could you endorse Mitt Romney over your own father? For the crime of not following the Capitol Hill propaganda protocol, those two journalists were accused by Rand Paul of criminally harassing him, leading to interrogations by everyone from the Capitol Hill Police to the FBI to a collection of Washington DC media bureau chiefs.

Those two journalists – Abby Martin of RT News and Media Roots, and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change – were the two unfortunate reporters who dared to ask that question and were now suffering the wrath of Rand Paul and the GOP establishment. They are legitimate reporters, they had proper credentials and press passes, and they had every right to be at the Capitol and ask that question. But none of it mattered. Read the 2012 report from our sister publication Whiteout Press for further details, ‘Rand Paul uses new Friends to terrorize Indy Media’.

Jesse Benton and Mitch McConnell

Showing just how intertwined the Paul family and the Republican establishment have become, Sen Rand Paul again did the unthinkable and officially endorsed one of the two most hated Congressmen in America – Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The other most despised is McConnell’s Democratic counterpart Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). Rand Paul even campaigned for the Republican Senate Minority Leader and gave him the Paul family campaign manager – Jesse Benton.

Benton is a key figure with his own alleged criminal controversies. He’s been accused of stealing the millions-strong membership list from the Pauls’ Campaign For Liberty and giving it to Senator McConnell and the RNC. Assumedly, for that act of loyalty, Jesse Benton was hired as McConnell’s campaign manager for the 2014 election. Soon thereafter, Benton was forced to resign after criminal investigations were launched over his alleged bribery of Republican Party delegates to the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nominating convention. Read a recap of the controversy from Also, read how Mitt Romney publicly conceded that he now knows the Republican Party stole the 2012 Presidential nomination away from Ron Paul, ‘Romney admits GOP stole 2012 Nomination for him’.

Rand Paul shaping GOP policy

One month before this month’s General Election, Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell again proved how intertwined the two are, along with the Republican Party’s leadership. As detailed by Politico, the two Senators were caught discussing GOP policy without knowing that a live microphone was broadcasting their seemingly private conversation.

Paul began the quiet discussion by approaching McConnell while he waited on-set just prior to giving a media interview. For his part, Rand Paul immediately announces that he just finished his own televised interview on CNN. The two men go on to show America how they plan to change the country’s perception of the GOP from ‘the Party of NO’ to ‘the Party of compromise’ by using the Democrats’ unflinching total support for Obamacare.

“I just did CNN,” Rand Paul tells Mitch McConnell, both unaware that the senior Senator’s microphone was on, “I just go over and over again, ‘We’re willing to compromise, we’re willing to negotiate.’ I don’t think they’ve poll tested,‘We won’t negotiate.’ I think it’s awful for them to say that over and over again.” McConnell agrees saying, “Yeah, I do too. I just got came back from a two-hour meeting with them and that was basically the same view privately as it was publicly.”

Targeting independent and opposition candidates

Senator Rand Paul’s transition to the dark side appeared complete in the run-up to this month’s Election. That’s when he was enlisted by the Republican leadership to travel the country with the specific purpose of reaching out to his former independent and libertarian friends. In races where Libertarians, Constitution Party candidates or independents threatened to take votes away from a GOP candidate, Senator Paul campaigned for the Republican nominees.

Various 2014 Election races saw a GOP candidate threatened with defeat due to the candidacy of an independent or opposition Party candidate. One of those was the race for Alaska’s US Senate seat. Our friends on the left might call this the real triumvirate of evil – the Republican Party, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Senator Rand Paul. That was the team that joined together to record and air over one million dollars in TV commercials in Alaska featuring Republican Senator Rand Paul campaigning for his fellow Republican over independent and Libertarian challengers.

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A Chamber of Commerce spokesperson summed up the three-way partnership’s strategy. “In states like Alaska, the Chamber is focused on the independent swing vote, and we think Senator Paul is well positioned to deliver a message that appeals to them,” explained Blair Latoff Holmes from the US Chamber of Commerce, “This fits into our theme this year of using credible messengers in target races.”

Mixed results

So, did the Republican Party strategy of using Rand Paul to lure independent and opposition voters away from their own candidates and into the GOP camp work? Unfortunately, it appears it did. In all but one of the known targeted races, the independent and opposition candidates received only 2 or 3 percent while the Republican candidate won by just as slim of a margin. There was one exception however.

In the race for Alaska Governor, the independent won with 48.1% of the vote over the Republican’s 45.9%. Votes for the Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates in the race totaled only 5.7%. But that was more than double the margin of victory. In the state’s US Senate race, the Republican won by 2%. The combined vote totals of the Libertarian and independent candidates was just 5.7%. If they would have gotten 1% more each, the Democrat would have won.

Another targeted race was in the state of Georgia. In the US Senate race there, the strategy again proved effective. In a three-way race, the Libertarian candidate was limited to a dismal 1.9%, giving the Republican candidate the win. In another targeted race in North Carolina, the Libertarian candidate for US Senate was limited to just 3.7%. The Republican nominee won by only 1.5%.

And in Kentucky, home of both Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, the strategy was most effective. In McConnell’s surprisingly easy victory, the Libertarian candidate was held to just 3.1% in a three-way race. With independents, Libertarians and Tea Partiers firmly in the Republican Party’s camp, the second most despised person in the US Senate won easily by 15.5%. And possibly more than anyone else, the American people may have Rand Paul to thank.


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