December 14, 2014

Justice Party announces Three-Year Objective

By Mark Wachtler

December 14, 2014. Park City, UT. (ONN) Last week, the Justice Party national steering committee met with Party co-founder and 2012 Presidential nominee Rocky Anderson. The Party’s third anniversary was Friday and the gathered leaders met to discuss the next three years, including the 2016 Election cycle. Anderson and the Justice Party want supporters to know they haven’t given up the fight. And they have a ‘three year objective’ to reach 5 million members by 2017.

The Justice Party wants supporters to know they have a “three-year objective”. Image courtesy of

Below is the December 12, 2014 statement from the Justice Party’s National Steering Committee. Reprinted in its entirety, from the Justice Party:


We write today to wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year!

The Justice Party is celebrating our third anniversary today! And despite rumors to the contrary, the Justice Party is on the way to achieving our goals. Beyond our state party building efforts over the last year, we have formalized a strategic plan. Now we know where we are going and how we plan to get there. Our foundation for growth is built!

The developing political environment is creating a people's movement. The Justice Party is an urgent necessity to turn movement demands into law and policy.

On Friday, December 5, 2014, five members of the Justice Party National Steering Committee (Co-Chair Jonathan Ruga, Co-Chair Laura Bonham, Lenny Brody, D'Marie Mulattieri and Mackenzie Nellis) met with Justice Party co-founder, Rocky Anderson in Park City, Utah for a three-day working retreat.

We held this retreat to plan the best away to achieve our goal of bringing together diverse people to effectively challenge the two-party system. We mapped out the forward direction of both the Justice Party's electoral path and how we can help build and expand the movement to unify people across the country.

Encouraged by the three-year objective (2017) to increase membership to 5 million members, the highlights of our strategic plan – which is designed to develop a national infrastructure capable of exponential growth – are as follows:

  • Expand the National Steering Committee to 11 qualified members and recruit nationally recognized advisory board members.
  • Establish a National Office and hire a full-time Executive Director and assistant by July 2015.
  • As membership grows and funds become available, recruit a Development Director, Coordinators for Communications, Field Expansion, Volunteers, Ballot Access and an Alliance Movement Liaison.
  • Establish accredited State parties in 40 to 50 states.
  • Prepare a definitive budget and fund raising plans to raise funds to cover start-up costs and projected expenses for the next three years.

  • Run or endorse a Presidential candidate for 2016. Prepare for a National Convention if the Justice Party decides to run its own Presidential candidate.
  • Create an environment for non-Presidential Justice Party candidates to run in 2016 and 2017.
  • Define and focus on issues: establish issue teams, build connections between the people's movement and electoral activity.
  • Establish collaborative relationships and rapport with diverse political parties.

The Justice Party’s National Steering Committee looks forward to working with all Justice Party members throughout the country in 2015. May we all, one day soon, enjoy economic, environmental, and social justice. Happy Holidays,

The Justice Party National Steering Committee: Jonathan Ruga, Laura Bonham, Lenny Brody, Luis Rodriguez, D’Marie Mulattieri, and MacKenzie Nellis. Justice Party – Social, Economic & Environmental Justice for all.”

The above is the full December 12, 2014 statement from the Justice Party. For more information, visit



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