October 7, 2014

Indy Orman leads Libertarian Batson for US Senate in KS

By Mark Wachtler

October 7, 2014. Wichita. (ONN) You won’t see that headline anywhere other than Opposition News, even though it’s completely true. Independents are about to increase their number of US Senate seats from two to three. And Kansas independent Greg Orman will have to beat Libertarian Randall Batson to do it. The Democrat candidate had such little support, he dropped out of the race. And the Republican incumbent is just as unpopular.

Libertarian Randall Batson, candidate for US Senate in Kansas.

With an independent ahead in the polls, the Republican incumbent a distant second, the Libertarian in third, and no Democrat even on the ballot, the 2014 Kansas US Senate race may be a glimpse of future US elections. In red states anyway. In blue states, it’s the GOP nominee that’s missing and probably a Green candidate in third. Regardless, times are changing.

As of the most recent polls, independent Greg Orman is leading the US Senate race in Kansas with 48%. Incumbent Republican Pat Roberts is second with 38%. Libertarian Randall Batson is third with 5%. And 9% are undecided. Democrat Chad Taylor dropped out of the race.

Who is Greg Orman?

Greg Orman is the son of a Kansas furniture store owner, where the independent US Senate candidate says he began working at age 13. After graduating from Princeton in 1991, Greg went on to launch one business after another. Some were phenomenally successful, while others were utter failures. In the process of earning Orman tens of millions of dollars, many of those business dealings also tarnished his reputation.

The candidate’s campaign website lists Combat Brands as one company Orman is currently involved in. But the deal that may have done the most to make Greg Orman a multi-millionaire was his creation of a company called Environmental Lighting Concepts (ELC). The company designed, sold and installed energy efficient lighting systems to businesses. In 1996, he sold 70% of ELC to Kansas City Power and Light. He has since created Denali Partners, LLC, which provides capital and management services to small businesses.

Attempting to salvage the Republican incumbent’s chances of survival this November, the Wall Street Journal recently published a scathing report on independent Greg Orman. The piece is titled, ‘Who is Greg Orman?’ The outlet calls the independent candidate and frontrunner, ‘a crony of former Goldman Sachs executive Rajat Gupta, who was convicted in 2012 on charges of insider trading.’ The publication goes on to say, ‘Last year Mr. Orman sat on the board of the New Silk Route private-equity firm that Mr. Gupta founded, which is based in the Cayman Islands. The deposed Wall Street baron has also invested in one of Mr. Orman’s real estate ventures.’

The account went on to tell how Orman received government funding for a failed attempt at an organic shrimp farm in Nevada. He also reportedly ran for the Democratic nomination for US Senate in 2010, but dropped out of the race early on. The WSJ estimates Greg Orman’s fortune at between $21-$86 million.

On the issues

“I decided to run for the United States Senate to represent Kansas as an Independent because I know that Washington is broken,” Greg Orman says, “We’re sending the worst of both parties to Washington and we know it.”

A former Democrat, Orman shows why he appeals to both establishment parties as well as independents. “Kansas has a record of electing candidates who think this way, like Bob Dole,” the independent explains, “When he recently toured the state, I was honored to have the opportunity to listen to him. He spoke eloquently, and at length about how our system isn’t working today. Even though he was a proud Republican, he never shied away from working across the aisle to get things done. That is the mindset we must bring back to Washington.”

Orman’s top issue is jobs and he intends to fuel American job growth by eliminating barriers to starting and expanding businesses, like eliminating complicated loopholes that benefit mega-corporations and simplifying the tax code. On illegal immigration, Greg Orman says there is no way to find and deport 11 million illegal aliens and entire businesses in Kansas would go under if it happened. Instead, he supports a pathway to citizenship for illegals and the institution of E-Verify to insure the workers enter the legal immigration system and businesses don’t hire those who refuse.

The independent US Senate candidate doesn’t say whether he would vote to repeal Obamacare. Instead, he insists the Affordable Care Act made a broken healthcare system worse by rewarding healthcare corporations for unneeded tests and procedures rather than making sick people well or preventing illness all together. On government spending, Orman once again states the obvious, that American can’t live beyond its means forever, but gives no alternatives or solutions.

On the topic of foreign policy, Orman seems to have tunnel vision on the Middle East, only referring to al Qaeda, ISIS and Iran. He goes on to make special mention of Israel, of whom the candidate says, “Israel is one of America’s key allies and in the Senate I will work to strengthen our bond with Israel and increase economic and diplomatic cooperation.” For more information on independent candidate for US Senate from Kansas Greg Orman, visit OrmanForSenate.com.

Libertarian Randall Batson

Even polling just 5%, we’d be neglecting our duties if we failed to mention independent Greg Orman’s opponent this November - Libertarian Randall Batson. “Hello, my name is Randall Batson. I am a Libertarian,” the candidate tells voters, “I would be humbled to serve Kansans in the US Senate. If you elect me as your Senator, my efforts will be limited by the Constitution. When I swear an Oath to uphold and defend it, I will honor my commitment. The original intent of its Framers was to create a moral compass. It will guide me as a strict constructionist.”

Among some of the campaign platforms and ideas Libertarian Randall Batson includes on his campaign website are an appeal to the working class by allowing Americans to keep all overtime pay tax free. He also supports transforming the country’s Social Security system to business-like Individual Retirement Accounts. Batson supports eliminating the Department of Education and providing equal rights and funding to all education sources including charter schools, private schools and home schools.

On the topic of the US military, the Libertarian US Senate candidate calls for bringing all US troops home from foreign soil. He says this isn’t isolationism, as business and economic ties would continue and strengthen. Batson also says that bringing home hundreds of thousands of troops would flood local communities with an influx of cash as all the money formerly spent in foreign countries would now be spent at home.

For more information about Libertarian Randall Batson’s campaign for Kansas’ US Senate seat, visit the candidate’s campaign website. Catch all the Libertarian Party of Kansas’ news and announcements streaming live 24/7 on the Kansas page of the Opposition News states section.



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