October 1, 2014

Green Candidates stand out in New York, Texas

By Mark Wachtler

October 1, 2014. Syracuse, NY. (ONN) Green Party election candidates are making waves and garnering headlines this election cycle. And in two states, they’re doing it in completely opposite ways. In New York, the Greens’ Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins is generating excitement with his experience, media style and assists from Ralph Nader and Jill Stein. In Texas, the Greens are taking the shotgun approach. They nominated 50 candidates for the November election, with 44 of them successfully making it onto the General Election ballot.

Howie Hawkins and Ralph Nader pose for photos at a campaign event in NY two weeks ago. Image courtesy of TimesUnion.com.

Howie Hawkins for NY Governor

Back in April, Opposition News reported on the announced candidacy of Howie Hawkins, a longtime progressive and socialist grassroots activist. The Green Party nominee for New York Governor began his political activism in 1967 at the young age of 15 with the Peace & Freedom Party protesting the Vietnam War. These days, Hawkins is a perennial election candidate and coming closer and closer to victory each time.

Four years ago, Howie Hawkins ran for Governor and received enough votes to earn the Green Party of New York major party status. He finished third among seven candidates. In 2011 and 2013, he ran for local offices in Syracuse. Each time, the Green candidate received over 40% of the vote in failing bids. In 2011, he just missed unseating the Democratic Party incumbent by 96 votes. He finished with 48% of the vote in that race. Read the Opposition News article, ‘Greens Howie Hawkins launches Campaign for NY Governor’ for more information.

Hawkins has also been energized by his fellow Green activists and the most well-known name in the movement, Ralph Nader. Two weeks ago, the men appeared together at a campaign event in Albany. They joined Green Congressional candidate Matt Funiciello. “You have a marvelous opportunity to break new ground and send a message all over the country,” local media outlets reported Nader telling the candidates and the gathered crowd.

The national Green Party has also energetically climbed on board the Howie Hawkins campaign bandwagon. “If we can get the word out to New York voters that Howie is the only progressive on the general election ballot, we can establish the Green Party in New York as the third major party and the voice of progressives who are independent of the corporate oligarchy and its representatives in the Democratic and Republican parties,” 2012 Green Presidential nominee Jill Stein told party members in a recent email, “That kind of result will help Greens across the country be taken seriously as the progressive alternative to corporate politics.”

Giving a report straight from the precincts, Dr. Stein talks about the Hawkins Gubernatorial campaign saying, “As someone who works a blue collar job for a living - a Teamster who loads freight at night for UPS - Howie's call for a $15 an hour minimum wage, public jobs for the unemployed and progressive taxes, has struck a chord with working New Yorkers and organized labor. He was the first Green invited to meet with and address several of the state's key unions and has spoken to several local Central Labor Councils.”

An announcement today from the Howie Hawkins campaign documents his recent success on the campaign trail and outlines his demand for a fair and open candidates’ debate. ‘Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Governor, insists that all the gubernatorial debates should be televised statewide and that he should be included,’ the press release begins, ‘With poll numbers ranging from 9% statewide to 24% in Syracuse, Hawkins has proved that he represents a significant portion of the electorate.’

For more information, visit HowieHawkins.org. Also, check out all the news and announcements from the Green Party of NY streaming live 24/7 on the Opposition News New York page in our States section.

Greens all over the Texas ballot

Another national Green Party announcement touted the success this election cycle of the Green Party of Texas. ‘Don't mess with Texas when it comes to running candidates for state and local office!’ the GPUSA proudly announced, ‘The Green Party of Texas is running over 40 candidates for offices from Governor to Justice of the Peace.’

As detailed on the state Party’s website, ‘The Green Party of Texas is pleased to release its list of candidates who will appear on the ballot this November. These candidates were approved by delegates to the state convention in Austin.’ (from web.txgreens.org):

US Senate - Emily "Spicybrown" Sanchez
Governor - Brandon Parmer
Lieutenant Governor - Chandrakantha Courtney
Attorney General - Jamar Osborne
Comptroller of Public Accounts - Deb Shafto
Commissioner of Agriculture - Kenneth Kendrick
Railroad Commissioner - Martina Salinas
Supreme Court Justice Place 7 - Charles E. Waterbury
Supreme Court Justice Place 8 - Jim Chisolm
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4 - Judtih Sanders-Castro
Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9 - George Joseph Altgelt
US Representative District 2 - Mark Roberts
US Representative District 3 - Paul Blair
US Representative District 13 - Don Cook
US Representative District 18 - Remington Alessi
US Representative District 21 - Antonio Diaz
US Representative District 28 - Michael D. Cary
US Representative District 35 - Kat Swift
US Representative District 36 - Hal J. Ridley, Jr
State Senate District 10 - John Tunmire
State Senate District 17 - David Courtney
State Representative District 42 - Niclolas Serna III
State Representative District 64 - Braeden Wright
State Representative District 80 - Marco Buentello
State Representative District 130 - Art Browning
State Representative District 146 - Morgan Bradford

County Judge - (Bexar) Paul Pipkin
County Judge - (Harris) David B. Collins
County Judge - (Webb) Frank Cortez
County Clerk - (Bexar) Earl Lyons
County Clerk - (Comal) Matthew Hanson
County Clerk - (Travis) Bill Stout
County Clerk - (Denton) Schyler Butler
County Criminal Court At Law No 13 - (Harris) Clint Davidson
County Commissioner Precinct 2 - (Bexar) Chuck Robinson
County Commissioner Precinct 4 - (Webb) Luis F. Decker
County Treasurer - (Webb) Jesus Quiroz
Justice of the Peace Precinct 2, Pl 3 - (Bexar) Diana D. Kendall
Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Pl 1 - (Webb) William "Willie" Koehn
Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 - (Webb) Lakshmana "Vish" Viswanath
Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 - (Denton) Aaron Renaud
Commissioner of General Land Office - Valerie Alessi
State Representative District 123 - Paul Ingmundson
County Commissioner Precinct 4 - (Bexar) Matthew Lerma

For more information, visit the Green Party of Texas. Also, check out all the news and announcements from the Green Party of TX streaming live 24/7 on the Opposition News Texas page in our States section.



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