October 29, 2014

Constitution Party strikes gold in Alaska with GOP Defections

By Mark Wachtler

October 29, 2014. Delta Junction, AK. (ONN) If you’re an opposition political party, you know you’ve done something right when you actually get one of your candidates elected to local office. But when you elect two of your members to the same County Board and one of them moves up to run for higher office, like State Representative, you can pat yourself on the back. You’ve struck gold. That series of events doesn’t happen often for us, and when it does, it’s something worth celebrating.

Pam Goode, Constitution Party candidate for Alaska State Representative. Image courtesy of PamGoode.com.

Defecting to the Constitution Party

The Constitution Party is making tremendous headway this election season and not just in Alaska. The Party’s candidate for Idaho State Senate, Christian Fioravanti, has not only been endorsed by a former statewide Republican candidate, but he is also appearing in campaign commercials for Christian. Also in Idaho, David Hartigan, the Constitution Party candidate for Lt. Governor is polling 12%, which would translate into 53,000 votes and set a record for a Constitution Party statewide candidate in that state.

Phil Hudok, CP candidate for West Virginia US Senate, was included in the race’s televised debates. Opposition News readers will remember Phil from our article, ‘Constitution’s Hudok makes WV Ballot by 1 Signature’. In Tennessee, the CP’s Gubernatorial candidate Shaun Crowell is a former Libertarian Party activist.

In Colorado, the Constitution Party’s candidate for County Assessor Steve Henderson received the endorsement of the retiring incumbent Republican. In Wyoming, the Republican State Superintendent of Public Instruction endorsed the Constitution Party candidate for Secretary of State Jennifer Young. All of these fine accomplishments however, pale in comparison to Alaska.

Welcome to Alaska - Constitution Party country

The Constitution Party’s success in Alaska is spreading, and best of all, it’s spreading inside the Republican Party of Alaska. GOP leaders and former state Republican Party officials are publicly endorsing Constitution Party candidates and even defecting to the most pro-Constitution political party in America. Topping the list is the former Alaska state GOP Chairman. The former state leader of the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ is now a re-energized member of the Constitution Party and has endorsed the CP’s candidate for Alaska Governor - JR Myers.

The Party is also finding success locally in the state. ‘On October 7, David Luntz, a registered member of the Constitution Party, was elected to the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The Board is the local government akin to county governments elsewhere,’ a recent Party announcement began, ‘The Board now has two members of the Constitution Party. The first, whose term was not up this year, is Pam Goode.’ Goode is the rising star who is currently making a run for State Representative.

Remember Joe Miller, the Republican candidate who shocked the political world by defeating powerful GOP US Senator Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 Alaska Primary, only to be betrayed by his fellow Republicans who waged a write-in campaign to defeat him in the General Election? That same Joe Miller has just endorsed the Constitution Party’s Pam Goode. Continuing the GOP defections, the former state Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party has joined Miller and also endorsed Goode in her bid for the State House.

Announcing the addition of so many former Ron Paul Republicans into the Constitution Party of Alaska, the Party’s National Chairman Frank Fluckiger told members, “I wanted you to be among the first to know of a big upset we’ve scored in Alaska.” He went on to tout, “Several Ron Paul supporters in Alaska, including the former Republican state Chairman, have switched parties recently - they understand the GOP can’t be ‘reformed’. They know America needs a new party, one based on timeless principles and courageous candidates. The Constitution Party is their new political home.”

Constitution Party monthly newsletter

For those not aware, the Constitution Party publishes an online monthly newsletter. It’s a favorite of readers who like to receive detailed accounts from the precincts where the action is. This month’s edition is extra special because it includes a flattering article with excerpts from Opposition News’ own recent report, ‘Stats reveal major Flaw in 3rd Party Election Strategies’. We appreciate the kind words and the publicity, thank you.

Another item often included in the Party’s monthly newsletter is the growing list of Constitution Party elected officials. We spend so much time covering the individuals running for office, we often forget to recognize those that summoned the courage to actually run and were victorious. The Party’s newsletter lists:


Pam Goode - Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska

David Luntz - Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska


Phil Collins - Libertyville Township Trustee

Lake County, Illinois


Rich Ryskamp - Board of Directors, Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Mary Starrett - Yamhill County Commissioner

Yamhill County, Oregon


Bob Goodrich - Osceola Township Supervisor

Osceola, Pennsylvania

James N. Clymer - Judge of Elections

Manor Township, Pennsylvania



Bryce Hamilton - Duchesne City Council

Duchesne, Utah

Steven W. Johnson - Enoch City Council

Enoch, Utah



AJ Burton - Medical Lake City Council

Medical Lake, Washington


For more information on the Constitution Party, visit ConstitutionParty.com.



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