December 17, 2014

Constitution Party gets December Election Win in LA

By Mark Wachtler

December 17, 2014. Eunice, LA. (ONN) The Constitution Party elected another public official in the state of Louisiana last week. After the votes were tallied from the statewide election, the Constitution Party’s Randy Fontenot won the office of Chief of Police of Eunice, Louisiana. The CP’s nominee faced a Democrat in the state’s December 6 run-off Election and defeated him handily. This is the second office a Constitution Party candidate has won in the state recently.

On Dec 6, Randy Fontenot won his run-off election for Eunice Chief of Police. Image courtesy of

Congratulations Randy Fontenot

After the results were finalized from the November General Election, Randy Fontenot didn’t just make the run-off out of a field of 5 candidates, he finished first with his nearest competitor a distant 18% back. The results of the November 4 General Election were (from the Louisiana Sec of State):

Randy Fontenot (Constitution) – 1,433 (41%)

Raymond Cole (Democrat) – 811 (23%)

Ronald Dies (Republican) – 717 (20%)

Joseph Reed (Democrat) – 295 (8%)

Bart Thibodeaux (Republican) – 255 (7%)

In last week’s statewide Louisiana run-off Election, the Constitution Party’s Randy Fontenot defeated Democrat Raymond Cole in the head-to-head race. The final results were (from the Louisiana Sec of State):

Randy Fontenot (Constitution) – 1,778 (60%)

Raymond Cole (Democrat) – 1,199 (40%)

Constitution Party celebrates a victory

“On December 6, Randy Fontenot, a registered member of the Constitution Party, defeated his Democratic opponent in the race for Chief of Police for the City of Eunice,” touted Constitution Party national Chairman Frank Fluckiger in an announcement last week, “Our party’s success rests on the strategy of building bridges with voters at the local level so they can see close-up how a candidate transforms our platform into common sense government. Such victories will ensure we have experienced candidates vying for higher office.”

The always-active National Chair goes on to point supporters to the Constitution Party’s latest edition of their monthly newsletter, The Constitutionist. In the publication, Fluckiger proudly confirms that Police Chief-elect Randy Fontenot isn’t the only registered CP member currently elected to local office in the state. “Randy Fontenot is the second elected Constitution Party official in Louisiana,” the National Chair notes, “Party member Ronnie Broughton was re-elected to the Webster Parish (a County in other states) School Board in November.”

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