October 5, 2014

American Freedom Party warns about Immigration Stats

By Mark Wachtler

October 5, 2014. Maidsville, WV. (ONN) The American Freedom Party is using one of its primary platform positions to promote the Party’s candidates while voters are still frustrated and demanding their voices be heard. Illegal immigration piled on top of legal immigration has forced the country through growing pains that it hasn’t seen in a century. One in six Americans right now is a legal or illegal immigrant. And almost none of them are from European nations.

Harry Bertram is the American Freedom Party candidate for WV State Senate (Dist 13). Image courtesy of VoteBertram.com.

The darkening of America

It’s no secret that large powerful entities in the US, including the Democratic Party, have a long-term agenda aimed at replacing the country’s historically white, European-American leadership. Our TV sets tell us everyday how all white people are millionaires and how white males are evil and responsible for all the horrors in the world today. And the DNC fully believes that if it floods the US with enough Spanish-speaking foreigners, the Democratic Party will rule America forever. Well, not if the American Freedom Party has anything to say about it.

‘The Washing Examiner writes that the US immigrant population has reached a record 41.3 million, according to new US Census Bureau data crunched by a group that advocates for a low immigration rate,’ a recent announcement from AFP warns, ‘The Center for Immigration Studies said in a report released early Thursday that 2013 census data indicate one in six adults in America is either a legal or illegal immigrant.’

Where they come from

The report goes on to confirm that currently, 13 percent of the US population are foreign-born citizens of other countries. That’s the highest percentage in 93 years. The data also shows that Mexicans are still the largest immigrant group in America. There are currently 11 million Mexican citizens living in the US either legally or illegally.

The American Freedom Party also challenges one flagrant propaganda talking point that is repeatedly pushed by the US media - that Hispanics are the fastest-growing immigrant group in America. That actually hasn’t been true for a couple years now and the cited census data from 2013 confirms it. In fact, the largest immigrant group - Mexicans - decreased by 1 percent. By comparison, the fastest-growing immigrant demographic in the US is Indian. Immigration, both legal and illegal, from India to America increased 14 percent. Immigration from China grew 10 percent and from Guatemala by 9 percent.

The report went on to name the states that were the destinations for the most and the least immigrants to the US. Texas, California and Florida saw the largest increase in immigrant population. While Vermont, Montana, Maine, Hawaii and Alabama saw the greatest decreases. The American Freedom Party is looking to capitalize on the flood of immigrants and Americans’ resentment over the overwhelming influx.

The AFP cites a recent Gallup poll that shows 41 percent of Americans would like to see a decrease in immigration levels. 33 percent said the current immigration levels should stay the same. And the least popular response, with 22 percent, were in favor of increasing immigration rates into the US.

Harry Bertram for WV State Senate

One AFP November election candidate looking to take advantage of America’s push-back against the current flood of immigration is Harry Bertram. The AFP nominee is running for West Virginia State Senate from District 13. He will be facing Democrat Bob Beach and Republican Kris Warner. To be included on the General Election ballot, Bertram turned in four-times as many petition signatures as he needed to.

The candidate for WV State Senate is a US Army veteran and a locomotive engineer. Bertram ran for the WV House of Delegates two years ago and as an independent for Governor in 2011. One of the AFP candidate’s primary issues is also a favorite of ours here at Opposition News - equal opportunity ballot access for all parties. As detailed on Harry Bertram’s campaign website, below are the rest of his platform issues (from VoteBertram.com):

  • Pro Second Amendment. All law-abiding Americans must be allowed to protect their family and property, and when necessary, defend against governmental tyranny as provided by the Constitution.
  • Support private schools and home schooling. Return control of public schools to local communities.
  • Return to a strengthened family unit as the norm for society, defend marriage and family values.
  • Give Americans freedom of choice in all matters concerning health and medical treatments.
  • I am pro life with except when the mothers’ life in danger, in cases of rape, and incest.
  • Have equal ballot access laws for all political parties.
  • My platform is Conservative American First.
  • I am for smaller government, less taxes, and less regulation.

For more information on Harry Bertram’s campaign for WV State Senate, visit VoteBertram.com. For more information about the American Freedom Party, visit TheAmericanFreedomParty.us.


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