July 14, 2014

Veterans Party supports Indy Richardson in ME CD 2

By Mark Wachtler

July 14, 2014. Belfast, ME. (ONN) Back in April, we reported that the new Veterans Party was growing faster than any other political party in America. In just the first month of the party’s existence, it went from having 2 official state affiliates to having 43. Already, the party for veterans and non-veterans alike is fielding a slew of candidates around the country. One of them is Blaine Richardson, running for US Congress in Maine’s 2nd District as an independent.

Blaine Richardson, independent candidate for US Congress in ME. Image courtesy of BlaineForUSCongress.com.


Being a 30-year veteran of the US Navy, Blaine Richardson found friends in the Veterans Party of America (VPA). And as far as the state of Maine goes, he swears his ancestors first called Maine their home when they came to the new world from Denmark back in 1634. Richardson made his mark on America by enlisting to fight in Vietnam and then rising to the rank of Captain in the US Navy over the next 30 years.

About Blaine Richardson

Blaine Richardson, the VPA-endorsed candidate for US Congress, fought in three major military engagements - Haiti, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In the opening days

of Operation Desert Storm, his unit was the first to be called up. Since retiring, he has worked on his family’s greenhouse business and launched a homebuilding business of his own. After the economic collapse of 2008, and the ensuing Wall Street bailouts, Richardson says he had enough of the corruption in Washington and he began getting more outspoken and involved.

“From the bailouts and stimulus of 2008 to the federal government takeover of health care, a spark was ignited that grew into a vibrant movement of liberty-loving Americans determined to protect their freedoms from an ever growing federal government,” candidate Blaine Richardson says on his campaign website, “Since early 2009 I have been involved with this movement whose purpose it is to educate Americans about the importance of having a Constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government that preserves an environment for the free market to thrive and where Americans can enjoy all the liberties afforded to them by the US Constitution.”

On the issues

A glimpse at the ‘Issues’ page of Blaine Richardson’s Congressional campaign website reveals the US Constitution at the top of his list. “Over 40 years ago I took an oath to uphold and support the US Constitution,” he proudly explains, “While that event happened over four decades ago, I am just as serious today about upholding and supporting the US Constitution as I was the day I took the oath.”

Richardson also makes a point to highlight the 2nd Amendment and Civil Rights, with both being under increasing attack by various levels of government. The candidate says he would repeal the Patriot Act and NDAA, and reign in the Washington bureaucrats working outside the boundaries of the Constitution.

As a fellow veteran, it should be no surprise that the Veterans Administration is also a recurring topic for the independent candidate. Richardson makes a pledge to Maine veterans saying, “I truly believe the fact that no one will take better care of a Veteran than a fellow Veteran.”

“I believe that prosperity can once again return to the second district of Maine,” Blaine tells voters, “The way it returns is thru a strong economy that is built upon economic freedom.  Economic freedom empowers the job creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs of Maine to flourish and in return Maine families and local communities will be strengthened.”

Three-way race

This is actually Blaine Richardson’s second run for the 2nd Congressional District seat. He ran in the 2012 Republican primary but lost, finishing with a respectable 40% of the vote. His existing support base is one of the reasons his campaign believes he can win this time around. More importantly, he’s running as a citizen-candidate against two Republican and Democrat establishment politicians.

Bruce Poliquin is the Republican nominee and Maine’s former State Treasurer. Emily Cain is the Democratic nominee and an incumbent State Senator.  Cain won her primary race with 70% of the Democratic vote, while Poliquin squeaked out a victory with 56% of the GOP primary vote. November’s General Election should not only be interesting, but it will actually give the voters of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District a legitimate alternative to the same old establishment candidates.

For more information on independent Blaine Richardson and his run for Congress, visit BlaineForUSCongress.com. For more information on the Veterans Party of America, visit VeteransPartyOfAmerica.org.


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