September 5, 2014

NY GOP picks Fight with the wrong Libertarian, Gigi Bowman

By Mark Wachtler

September 5, 2014. Long Island. (ONN) From Ohio to Illinois to New York, Republicans are desperate to keep Libertarian Party candidates off the November election ballot. In Ohio, the GOP Governor hired a GOP law firm to kick two LP candidates off the ballot. In Illinois, the GOP hired armed thugs to go to the homes of Libertarian ballot access petition signers. And in New York, the GOP is suing Libertarian State Senate candidate Gigi Bowman in an attempt to keep her from challenging their incumbent.

Gigi Bowman likes to say, “In today’s world, sometimes a woman has to wear many shirts.” Image courtesy of

Georgina ‘Gigi’ Bowman for NY State Senate

If your author had to choose his favorite political activist from any opposition party in any state in the country, it would be New York Libertarian Gigi Bowman. We’ve known Gigi for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze us with her passion, sincerity, optimism and level of grassroots activism. On Monday, you might find her at a card table on a random street corner handing out pamphlets.

On Tuesday, she may be challenging government officials, alone and outnumbered but undeterred inside a government agency office. And on another day, you’ll find her fighting for her rights, and yours, in front of a judge in a NY court room. If Gigi is as beloved and popular in her home district on Long Island as she is with fellow grassroots activists across the country, New York Republicans will regret the day they ever decided to go after Libertarian Gigi Bowman.

“You might know me,” she begins on her campaign website, “You might have seen me this summer standing in front of supermarkets with my loving husband asking for your signature to get on the ballot. You may have seen me at every festival from Northport to Glen Cove. You may have seen me at the farmers markets handing out ‘Save the Bee’ stickers and trying to awaken you to the issues of GMO food and Common Core Education. You may have heard me talk about repealing the NY Safe Act and standing up for the Constitution. You may be one of the 5,191 signatures I received from people who, after talking to me, decided that I should be a choice on the ballot on November 4, 2014 - the 11th Anniversary of the day my daughter took her life due to pharmaceutical medication she never should have been prescribed and the reason I do what I do - to save another parent the heartache I have lived.”

That’s how we first met Gigi Bowman years ago and it had nothing to do with politics or elections - both of us trying to publicize the dangers and corruption of Big Pharma and the dangerous prescription drugs they are flooding America with. Since then, we’ve lost Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy and hundreds of thousands of regular Americans to the little-known deadly side effects of prescription drugs. But that’s a battle and a story for another time.

NY Republicans sue Gigi Bowman

Sensing that a regular mother and small business owner may prove to be the downfall of the Long Island Republican establishment, the NY GOP has pulled out all the stops to keep Libertarian State Senate candidate Gigi Bowman off the November ballot. They’ve even filed a lawsuit against her and the NY Board of Elections to have the Libertarian candidate’s name removed. But if Gigi has proven one thing over the past decade, it’s that she doesn’t shy away from a righteous fight against corruption, and neither do her friends and supporters…and neither do we. If the NY Republican Party wants a fight, they’ve got one.

In an announcement released two days ago, New York State Libertarian Party Chairman Mark Axinn publicly asked, “Should politicians who are already in office have the right to limit the candidates for whom New Yorkers vote? State Senator Carl Marcellino apparently thinks so. On September 2, he and three of his Republican supporters sued Gigi Bowman, the Libertarian candidate for New York State Senate District 5, and the State Board of Elections to keep Bowman off the ballot.”

The NY Libertarian press release goes on to explain, ‘Huntington-based Ms. Bowman collected approximately 5,000 voter signatures in six weeks this summer. In their lawsuit, the Republicans claim that every one of her signatures was fraudulently obtained, including her own. New York Libertarian Party Chair Mark Axinn commented, “The Republican Party will stop at nothing to prevent choice on the ballot. Neither the Board of Elections, the courts nor the voters should be fooled by their duplicity.”’

If there’s one humorous part of this tragic attack on democracy, it’s that the Republican Party apparently has no idea who they picked a fight with. The idea that Gigi Bowman, one of the most active and experienced grassroots political activists in all of America, needs to fraudulently obtain her own ballot access petition signatures is beyond laughable.

On the contrary, if there is one candidate from the left, center or right that DOESN’T need to resort to petition shenanigans, it’s Gigi Bowman. This author can assure you, she could have collected twenty-times that number in half the time if she wanted or needed to. Gigi Bowman is as righteous and honorable as they come. And the Republican Party of New York is about to find that out if they continue to sue the Libertarian candidate.

Gigi Bowman responds

Bowman’s campaign website quotes the candidate saying, “You may be one of the 5,191 people who spoke to me about their own children and Big Pharma or how your family is coping with the GMO food issue or the vaccine issue or the smart meter issue or the loss of liberty and the red light and speed cameras and your child dealing with Common Core and the countless other issues we’re all dealing with day after day on Long Island while paying the highest taxes in the country. Yes, you may be one of those people who signed my petition and thanked me for running for office and wished me luck, or said to me, ‘Sure, everyone has a right to be on the ballot.’”

“And maybe, just maybe, party politics is a disgrace in this country and it culminates in the District 5, Long Island, New York, Republican Party where they decided they didn’t want any competition from a woman who has stood on corners day after day, month after month for years holding signs and trying to awaken people to issues,” Bowman continues, “They didn’t want competition from a woman who runs an organization - Save Long Island - that shows films and has speakers to talk about the very issues she planned on fighting on behalf of the very people who are being affected by them, who may have signed the petition to get me on the ballot.”

Gigi Bowman goes on to list just some of the various issue-oriented groups that have overwhelmingly supported her efforts and her campaign, “Maybe, just maybe, the same people who voted to infringe on the Constitution, who voted to allow Common Core education, who vote to mandate vaccines that go virtually untested to support their Big Pharma money habit, who keep you from knowing what you’re eating so they can protect corporations, who voted to infringe on the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, who lie, cheat, and pat each other on the back in all their hypocrisy, are the very people who have decided to make sure I don’t get on the ballot by challenging all 5,191 signatures as fraudulently obtained!?”

“But you signed my petition and you heard me out and you wanted me to be on the ballot,” Gigi reminds voters, “Yet the people in the Republican Party are saying you can’t have your way, as they say time and time again. Never forget who they are and what they do. As your children get tortured by the corporations who fund these unethical immoral ‘suits’ and your future on Long Island is looking bleaker and bleaker - remember that you took a moment to sign a petition to get a mother, an activist and an ordinary citizen on the ballot.”

New York Libertarians

Gigi Bowman won’t be alone on the General Election ballot in New York. The NY Libertarian Party nominated and submitted petition signatures to put 12 of their candidates on the ballot this November. Libertarian State Chairman Mark Axinn excitedly announced two weeks ago, “The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 30,000 signatures Tuesday to afford New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the two major parties. Once again, the Libertarian Party has amassed enough signatures so that voters can choose true freedom-loving candidates this November. Unlike tax-and-spend Democrats and borrow-and-spend Republicans, only the Libertarian Party candidates will actually slow the growth of government.”

At the top of the state ticket is Long Island businessman Michael McDermott running for New York Governor. His running mate for Lt. Governor is Chris Edes. The party’s candidate for State Comptroller is US Navy veteran John Clifton. For NY Attorney General, the Libertarian nominee is Manhattan defense attorney Carl Person. Libertarian candidates for US Congress include Grant Lally in CD-3 and Richard Bell in CD-11. Joining Gigi Bowman as candidates for NY State Senate are Chris Garvey and Gia Arnold. For State Representative, the Libertarians have nominated John Wilson in SA-37, David Casavis in SA-73, H. Clark Bell in SA-103, and Mark Glogowski in SA-139. Locally, Bill Goldman is the nominee for Putnam County Assembly.

For more information on Gigi Bowman and her campaign for NY State Senate, visit her campaign website at For more information on the NY Libertarian Party, visit Follow all of the NY Libertarians’ news and announcements streaming live 24/7 on the Opposition News New York page in our States section.



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