September 26, 2014

Libertarian Roots shines in chaos of MT US Senate Race

By Mark Wachtler

September 26, 2014. Livingston, MT. (ONN) The Montana race for US Senate has been unusually crazy this election. The incumbent Senator retired. The newly appointed Democratic Senator had to drop out for plagiarism. There’s a Libertarian who’s a former racial-nationalist. And the Democrat the party chose to replace their tainted incumbent candidate is a communist. The independent seems to have dropped out and we’ll give a prize to the first person that can find an official candidate list on the MT Board of Elections website.

Libertarian Roger Roots participating in the televised MT US Senate debate.

In February, Montana Democrats tried to pull a fast one and had US Sen. Max Baucus retire mid-term so that the Democratic Governor of the very Republican state could appoint his replacement, a Democrat, with the immediate advantage of incumbency for re-election just nine months away. But that replacement, appointed US Sen. John Walsh (D-MT), was forced to quit the race after it was disclosed that he plagiarized his college thesis.

Democrat Amanda Curtis

Amanda Curtis is a teacher from Butte and the person the Montana Democrats chose to quickly fill their ballot line in the MT US Senate race in place of just-appointed Senator Walsh. As our friends at report, the candidate Democrats picked to hold onto the US Senate seat had less than three months to put together a statewide campaign and garner name recognition with the voters.

As the watchdogs point out, the media exposure Curtis is receiving may not be what Democrats had in mind. Amanda Curtis’ political views are being called, ‘too toxic for Montana voters.’ They’re talking about her current and past activism with the Industrial Workers of the World. Her husband is also a current member of the far left group.

‘Montana Republicans quickly released a video mash-up of Curtis’ most outrageous lines from a YouTube series she produced daily during the state’s 2013 legislative session,’ the report details, ‘The brutal video features Curtis mocking Christian values, gun rights activists and those who see family as a most basic unit of government.’

The account goes on to describe how she publicly mocked anyone who disagreed with Medicaid expansion and government-run healthcare. When asked about the videos by the Washington Post, the Democratic Senate candidate replied, “I’m not worried about anything being taken out of context in those videos, because they’re the public record. They’re available for anyone to go back and see exactly what I said and in what context I said it.”

Libertarian Roger Roots

Also in the race for US Senate is Libertarian candidate Roger Roots. Dr. Roots might just be the most fascinating and colorful of any US Senate candidate in the country right now and has even garnered the public ire of for being a spoiler for their preferred Republican candidate. The 46-year-old Roots freely admits that in his early 20’s, his political views brought him into the circles of skinheads and other anti-government nationalist groups. But that was 25 years ago he says.

As detailed on his campaign website, ‘Dr. Roots is a founding member of the Wall of Tolerance, co-founded by Rosa Parks, whose courageous stand against authoritarian government in 1955 showed millions of others how to resist government by simply saying no.’ Also detailed on the site is the fact that today, Roger Roots is an author, a college professor and a successful civil liberties attorney.

‘He is the only lawyer in the history of the US 8th Circuit to ever overturn a conviction on venue ground,’ his website says, ‘During the 2011 Montana legislative session, Roots coauthored legislation that became House Bill 332, introduced by Representative Bob Wagner, to require Montana judges to fully inform juries of their absolute right to acquit and to determine the law in jury trials.’

That leads us to some other very good friends of ours here at Opposition News, and that’s the Fully Informed Jury Association. Your author has been a proud supporter of FIJA for 25 years and Roger Roots is a member of FIJA’s Board of Advisors. Read the 2012 article from our sister publication Whiteout Press, ‘RIP Larry Dodge - Long Live FIJA’.

Libertarian wows at the debates

Back in June, the first televised debate between Montana’s US Senate candidates took place. In the days leading up to the event, the Republicans did everything they could to get Libertarian Roger Roots excluded. They even sighted old writings by Roots still circulating the internet, insisting any form of racism has no place in Montana politics. The charges didn’t stick however seeing that Roots is a professor at a historically black Christian college and has a track record of actively supporting civil rights.

As detailed by KRTV channel 3 in Montana, Libertarian Roger Roots stole the show at the televised US Senate debate. While the Democrat and Republican spared with each other over which party has done more damage to America, the Libertarian Roots drove home one political pile-driver after another, simultaneously taking both establishment politicians to task.

The news outlet from Great Falls actually gave Roots equal time and quoted him comparing both his Democrat and Republican opponents to “drunken sailors”. They went on to quote him saying, “Some people say that is an insult to drunken sailors, because at least drunken sailors are spending their own money. These two gentlemen are spending the American people's money.”

While the Democrat and Republican directed their attention to each other, Libertarian Senate candidate Roger Roots rode circles around his professional opponents by instead speaking directly to the audience. “These parties have ruined America,” he told the debate crowd and TV audience, “These parties have put so much government into our lives. Listen, a vote for one is as good as a vote for the other.”

The outlet went on to describe how, ‘Roots received the most laughs from the audience when he promoted what he called “unleashing the power of capitalism on health care.”’ The report quoted him telling the crowd, “The poorest man in the world could stumble out from underneath his bridge, bleeding from a thousand open sores. He could stumble into a roadside medical tent and be restored to full health for just $49.95.”

At last check, the Libertarian US Senate candidate was polling at 9% and rising. For more information on Roger Roots for US Senate, visit



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