July 11, 2014

Greens produce new T-Shirt, more Candidates for 2014

By Mark Wachtler

July 11, 2014. St. Paul, MN. (ONN). The Green Party is gearing up for its national convention two weeks from now in St. Paul, Minnesota. Coincidentally enough, that’s also the home of one of the party’s candidates with the best shots at winning a statewide election this year. Also, just in time for their 30th annual national convention, the Greens have designed and produced new T-Shirts with the slogan, ‘Rise, Resist, Revolt’.

T-Shirt available from GP.org

Rise, Resist, Revolt

That’s the wearable theme of the Green Party’s new T-Shirts (picture above). They’re green of course, with a white front-side print. The heavyweight, 100% cotton shirt was designed by Seattle-based writer, artist, designer, Green Party member and self-described rabble-rouser Daniel W.K. Lee. The shirts are on sale now from the Green Party for $25.00.

The party also has a couple other items available from its online store including their bright green T-Shirt with the printed slogan, ‘Green Party - Now. For The Future.’ Then there’s always the tried and true emerald green T-Shirts with plain, big, bold letters reading, ‘GREEN PARTY, of the United States.’ The first two are $25.00, the last one is $20.00. Also available are Green Party buttons and bumper stickers. Each is available at a price between $1 and $2, with bulk discounts available.

Green girl power in Illinois

In a Green Party announcement last week, party leaders touted recent ballot access success stories, including their candidates in states like Illinois, New York, Minnesota, California and Maine. Those are just a sampling as the Greens will have ballot-qualified candidates in states from coast to coast this November.

In Illinois, the Green Party state organization accomplished its seemingly insurmountable feet of turning in 30,000 ballot access petition signatures with a short window of time to do it. Now the Illinois Greens will have to wait and see if the notorious Chicago Democratic Machine finds a way to kick them off the ballot. It wouldn’t be the first time Board of Elections officials in the Party-controlled state removed the Green Party from the ballot for no legitimate reason. Good luck to the Illinois Greens from a fellow Illinoisan.

Two Illinois Green candidates that shouldn’t have to worry about their petition signatures are Nancy Wade running for US Congress in Chicago’s 5th Congressional District and Paula Bradshaw running for US Congress in downstate’s 12th Congressional District. Both are battle-hardened second-time candidates for the same offices two years ago. And both received enough votes last time to achieve ‘Major Party Status’, meaning they only needed to turn in a small handful of petition signatures like the state’s Democrats and Republicans do.

Read the Opposition News article, ‘Illinois Green Party announces 2014 Candidates’ for more information.

Hawkins and Dawkins

The Green’s announcement also gave a couple shout-outs to two of their candidates - Andy Dawkins, Green candidate for MN Attorney General and Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for NY Governor. It’s no wonder the party is promoting these two particular candidates. They both have large local followings and each has an excellent chance of shaking up their respective race and even possibly scoring a surprise victory.

Howie Hawkins, the Green candidate for Governor of New York, is also a repeat candidate for the same office. Four years ago, he ran for Governor and captured enough votes to also qualify for Major Party Status this time around. The perennial candidate, well-known socialist and lifelong grassroots activist seems to have more and more success with each passing election bid. Running for local office in his home of Syracuse in 2011 and 2013, he received over 40% of the vote each time, with his 2013 run capturing 48% of the vote and only losing to his Democratic Party opponent by 96 votes. Read the Opposition News article ‘Greens Howie Hawkins launches Campaign for NY Governor’ for more information.

It may just be a coincidence that the 30th annual Green Party national convention will be held in Andy Dawkins’ hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. But the Green candidate for Minnesota Attorney General is sure to find himself at the center of the attention. He has one of the better chances of bringing home a November win in a state-wide office this election. Dawkins served in the Minnesota House of Representatives for 15 years and is scheduled to be one of the main speakers when the Minnesota Greens host party members from across the nation in two weeks.

National Convention - July 24-27

The Green Party national convention in St. Paul is right around the corner. The gathering will be held at Macalester College, the same venue the very first Green Party national meeting was held 30 years ago. ‘We've got a great weekend planned,’ a recent party announcement promised, ‘You can learn all about the lifecycle of a political campaign, rent a bike and check out lovely Lake Calhoun, share dinner with Green Party leaders from across the country, and hear Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon talk about the historic 30th anniversary of the Green Party. And that's all on the first day!’

For more information, visit the Green Party at GP.org.



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