September 9, 2014

Constitution’s Hudok makes WV Ballot by 1 Signature

By Mark Wachtler

September 9, 2014. Huttonsville, WV. (ONN) The biggest obstacle independents and opposition party candidates have is getting their names on the election ballot. In most states, the number of petition signatures needed by our candidates is exponentially higher than the two establishment parties, sometimes as high as 40-times as many. The Constitution Party’s candidate for US Senate, Phil Hudok, proved that every signature counts. He made the WV November ballot by just one signature.

Phil Hudok, Constitution Party candidate for US Senate in West Virginia. Image courtesy of

The Constitution Party’s national newsletter, The American Constitutionist, gave a shout-out last week to Phil Hudok. “Phil Hudok, Constitution Party of West Virginia US Senate candidate, achieved ballot access by ONE, yes ONE petition signature,” Constitution Party National Chairman Frank Fluckiger announced, “Miracles do happen.” Fluckiger went on to detail how the WV Constitution Party gathered over 10,000 signatures to get its candidate slate on the coming General Election ballot.

Phil Hudok for US Senate

Phil Hudok is not only the Constitution Party’s candidate for West Virginia’s US Senate seat, he’s also the Party’s State Chairman. Residents of West Virginia may have seen him lately and not even known it. He’s the man who drives around with a giant, ten-foot-tall President Obama head in a trailer behind his car. An instant attention-grabber, the huge head is labeled with a sign reading, ‘Undo Obama’s Damage – This Is The Plan.’ Below, it lists Hudok’s campaign website. The roving Obama head also has a large sign reading, ‘He talks & blows smoke!’

Along with his lighthearted and animated side, the Constitution Party’s Phil Hudok also shows he knows how to campaign like a pro. Yesterday, he finished a state-wide, week-long campaign road trip, complete with the giant smoke-blowing Obama head. But instead of just campaigning for himself, the WV State Chair also managed to promote many of the other Constitution Party candidates as he passed through their Districts.

On August 30th, Phil Hudok campaigned on the eastern edge of West Virginia, only miles from the capitol in Washington DC. There, he touted Jeff Becker, the Constitution Party candidate for the state’s House of Delegates from the 59th District. When the US Senate candidate made his way to the northern-most region of West Virginia, he promoted Jeffrey Frank Jarrell, the party’s candidate for State Senate from the 2nd District. And down in the southwest corner of the Mountaineer State, Hudok campaigned for Mike Fisher, Constitution Party candidate for State Senate from the 8th District.

Hudok and Becker join Mine Workers in PA

It seemed only fitting that Phil Hudok and Jeff Becker, two Constitution Party election candidates from West Virginia, should take their giant smoke-blowing Obama head on the road to Pittsburgh. There, the Constitution Party joined 5,000 United Mine Workers of America, marching against President Obama’s flip-flopping and broken promises to 2.1 million men and women who work in or for mining operations in America. The miners previously told news outlets of Obama, “He talks and blows smoke.” So, that’s what Phil Hudok made his giant Obama head literally do.

Local media reports noted that environmental activists held their own smaller demonstration. But the miners and their supporters outnumbered them exponentially. Both sides were on hand to lobby the EPA over its intention to force coal-fired power plants to reduce their emissions. Thousands of miners and their supporters chanted, “EPA don’t take our jobs away!”

Citing the fact that global temperatures stopped rising over a decade ago and radioactive garbage is still washing ashore on the entire American west coast from the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, they argue this isn’t the right time to cut coal production and put thousands of Americans out of work. Check out the full story on Phil Hudok’s campaign website.

About Phil Hudok

Phil Hudok is a 63-year-old husband and father of four beautiful daughters. Two are successful college graduates and the other two are currently enrolled. The Constitution candidate for US Senate jokes that he hasn’t lived in West Virginia all his life, just 62 and a half years of it. He admits that he and his parents moved to the state from Ohio when he was just six months old.

In addition to being the proud owner of his own small business since 1972, Phil also uses his professional skills and experience to help the local non-denominational Christian ministry. Together with the ministry, Phil has produced over 500 professional, hour-long videos, many for Bible Studies programs utilized by organizations and volunteers across the country and around the world. He proudly admits the ministry, “is a central part of our family’s life.”

Forced human microchipping? Not on Phil’s watch

Little did we know when we first began writing this article, but Phil Hudok is famous. And yes, we at Opposition News are some of those wacky open-mined types that believe human RFID chips might just be the Number of the Beast the Christian Bible warns us about. For those like us who have a similar suspicion, Phil Hudok is a hero.

Two decades ago, Phil Hudok was a West Virginia school teacher at Elkins High School. There, he was fired for refusing to enforce a school mandate that all students use an RFID microchip-implanted Student ID. Helped by legal assistance from the Rutherford Institute, Hudok was victorious in 2000 when the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled on his behalf. But Phil’s activist ways didn’t stop there.

That same year, Hudok and two other men refused to surrender their biometric facial scans in order to receive their state driver’s licenses. In 2008, Phil was victorious once again after a grueling eight-year legal fight over his refusal to surrender his personal convictions, and his biometric data, to the state. Then-Governor Joe Manchin put an end to the stand-off by instructing the West Virginia Dept of Motor Vehicles to make exceptions for the three men due to their religious beliefs. Hudok now proudly boasts that he possesses one of the only three non-biometric driver’s licenses in West Virginia. He also warns that with the new Governor, their exceptions have been rescinded and the three men are going back to battle over the issue once again.

One thing is for certain, Phil Hudok is a colorful man and a colorful election candidate. The Constitution Party candidate for West Virginia US Senate may think outside the box and color outside the lines, but he provides example after example of ways that under-funded opposition candidates can wage effective and impactful campaigns. Whether it’s his Obama head that blows giant smoke rings and whose eyes light up in the dark, or his week-long campaign trek criss-crossing the state on behalf of himself and his fellow candidates, Phil Hudok could teach a class in grassroots campaigning.

For more information on Phil Hudok for US Senate, visit For more information on the West Virginia Constitution Party, visit



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