August 16, 2014

Constitution Party says blame Voters, not Illegal Immigrants


August 16, 2014. Spokane Valley, WA. (ONN) The recent onslaught of illegal immigrants streaming across America’s southern border has elicited passionate responses from both sides of the issue. Militiamen and volunteer border patrols are trying to stop the flood. While foreigners and establishment political leaders are demanding amnesty. But the Constitution Party surprised many recently when it announced its position on the hotly debated issue.

The Constitution Party says don’t blame the illegal immigrant kids. Blame the Republicans and Democrats that created the crisis. Image courtesy of Facebook/GorillaPig.

Americans on the left tend to believe that the US is an imperialist empire and the white males who perpetuate war, genocide and corporate injustice need to be watered down by a couple hundred million non-American Latinos using open borders and equal rights for non-citizens. Those on the right tend to have the opposite view. They support a legal immigration system, but despise illegal immigration as an invasion. They argue that America can’t even feed, clothe and house its own poor and are outraged that millions of non-American illegals get those benefits while America’s poor children are told there are no resources for them.

Constitution Party stands strong for law and order

It must have taken a lot of guts, and some internal debate, before the Constitution Party announced its official position on the nation’s recent illegal immigration crisis. Like many moderates and independents in the middle of the political spectrum often do, the party probably angered those with strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Because that’s where the Constitution Party stands, on both sides of the issue. Normally, that’s a cop-out or an example of slick double-talk. But not this time. We at Opposition News understand their position, and respect it. Because like usual, the Constitution Party put its principals before its passions.

To sum up the party’s position on illegal immigration - in spirit, in general, and in theory - they oppose illegal immigration and the government programs and policies that encourage and invite it. But in reality and in the real world, the Constitution Party’s number one position is their adherence to the US Constitution. The Constitution is a document containing rules of law. As we’ve said for many years, America means a lot of things to a lot of people. But it has only one legal definition - the US Constitution.

In the party’s most recent newsletter, their National Chairman Frank Fluckiger and the Washington State Constitution Party’s Robert W. Peck explain their surprising position. Basically, they say that it’s imperative that we all abide by the laws of the land. And thanks to the Bush administration’s 2008 law that places illegal immigrant minors in the possession of the US Dept of Health and Human Services while each child files for emergency asylum, America is being overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of South and Central American immigrants.

Don’t break the law, change it

Because of the 2008 law, any unaccompanied illegal immigrant child seeking asylum is cared for by America’s welfare system. And while many on the right are demanding that all of them should be immediately deported, the Constitution Party insists the rule of law must be followed. If you don’t like the law, fine, change it. But don’t break it.

‘It appears the deportation process has been slowed in part by an act passed during the Bush administration in 2008 that puts unaccompanied children under the care of the Department of Health and Human Services,’ the Constitution Party’s latest newsletter explains, ‘The Obama administration has indicated that it wants that bill amended to empower Border Patrol agents to expedite the deportation process.’

The author goes on to explain, ‘While nothing justifies entering someone else’s country uninvited, it is also true that nothing happens in a vacuum. So long as the law of cause and effect is in place, there will be reasons why things happen and factors that contribute to it. We can’t honestly expect to fix the illegal immigration problem until we understand and address those contributing factors.’

Americans can ultimately blame themselves

When it comes to the current illegal immigration crisis, everyone seems to be pointing fingers. While the Democrats blame the 2008 Bush law and the Republicans blame the current Obama administration, the Constitution Party goes out on a limb and soberly tells Americans they can blame themselves.

‘Considering that it is we, the American people, who have elected, re-elected and re-elected again the politicians of both dominant political parties who have presided over the never-ending wave of illegal immigration and have perpetuated the policies that are contributing to it,’ the statement concedes, ‘then at some point we have to say that we are responsible.’

Through our democratic-republic, we the voters are ultimately responsible for the actions of our elected representatives. And those representatives, from both establishment parties, are the ones personally responsible for the human catastrophe currently occurring on America’s southern border. The Constitution Party announcement goes on to give a few examples.

The economy in South and Central America is terrible, due partially to one-sided trade deals like NAFTA. The crime is unbelievable, with narco-terror organizations more powerful than the US-sponsored puppet regimes allegedly fighting them. America’s welfare state literally invites illegal immigrants to sneak in and immediately reap financial benefits that American citizens aren’t entitled to. Non-stop talk of amnesty from Democratic Party leaders is credited with creating a panic, with most illegals believing they must get into America before President Obama leaves office and signs his Executive Order of amnesty.

The rate of deportation, according to the statistics provided in the announcement, has steadily declined through both the most recent Republican and Democratic administrations. Our legal immigration system is completely broken, with some people who follow the rules having to wait up to 20 years for their Visa application to be processed by US authorities. The US borders are virtually wide open except at some of the most heavily-traveled crossing points. Illegal immigrants know they can simply walk across the US border.

All of the above examples, as well as a host of others, are directly responsible for America’s current illegal immigration crisis. And as the Constitution Party suggests, Americans shouldn’t blame foreign children, scared and alone in a foreign land. They should blame a half-century of Republican and Democratic Party policies that not only invited the current human tragedy, but created and continue to fuel it. If Americans want it stopped, they just have to stop voting for those very same Republicans and Democrats.

Read the full report in the Constitution Party’s monthly newsletter. Get all the Washington State Constitution Party's news streaming 24/7 on the Opposition News Washington Page in the States section.



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