June 26, 2014

Libertarian Gregg Norris joins crowded OH State Rep race

By Mark Wachtler

June 26, 2014. Rushsylvania, OH. (ONN) It’s going to be a knockdown dragout fight for Ohio’s 83rd District State Representative race. So far, there are at least four candidates, including two conservative Republicans, one Democratic lawyer, and one libertarian-Constitutionalist in the form of Gregg Norris - husband, father, citizen-candidate, and the nominee of the Libertarian Party. Fortunately, Gregg’s a decent guy and non-politician, because the professional candidates in this race have gotten ugly already.

Gregg Norris, Libertarian nominee for OH State Rep. Image courtesy of NorrisForStateRep.com.

Gregg Norris, the Libertarian nominee for Ohio’s 83rd District State Rep race, is one of those regular people who gets involved in government, not for a paycheck, but because he cares. You can always tell the sincere, honest, citizen-candidates like Gregg. They stand out in a field of career establishment politicians, like the old Sesame Street clip, ‘which one of these things doesn’t belong?’ But this election cycle, that’s a good thing for a change.

Meet Gregg Norris

Citizen-candidates are rare, and just as bad, they rarely win. When asked why they’re running for office, first-time candidates like Gregg typically reply with something along the lines of, ‘My family, friends, neighbors and co-workers always tell me I should run for office. So, I’m doing it.’ That’s about how Gregg Norris answered that question. And when a rookie, first-time candidate makes their first run for office, it’s a good sign when their friends, neighbors and co-workers are the first volunteers for the campaign.

Even the statewide Libertarian Party of Ohio has already come out swinging on behalf of their candidate. The state party’s website writes, ‘Norris is passionate about the Constitution and the ideals of liberty. He believes these principles are underrepresented in the House, and chose to put his frustrations into positive action by running for office.’

The Libertarian Party nominee for State Representative in this Ohio District describes himself as, “A Christian, husband of 28 years, and father of two super young men.” He’s also had a long and experienced career history having served full time in the Ohio Army National Guard, owned his own business, and currently serving as an EMT and firefighter. As if that didn’t keep him busy enough, he also does consultancy work for a local employee-owned energy co-op.

When it comes to values, Gregg Norris lets his actions do the talking. He’s been a youth soccer coach, Boy Scout leader, Church volunteer, and all-around good guy. When asked about his priorities, he says, “God comes first, family comes next.”

Liberty and the Constitution

‘All his life Gregg has been a conservative Republican and spent years studying the philosophy of the founders, American history, the ideals of freedom, liberty, conservatism, and the original intent of the US Constitution,’ the candidate’s website details, ‘Today Gregg's personal philosophy is primarily constitutional classic liberalism, better known as Libertarian today. He promotes the profound simplicity of the founding documents of our country, limited government, state sovereignty, and individual liberty and freedom.’

Norris says the slogan of his campaign is, ‘Sowing the Seeds of Liberty.’ “It comes with meaning and signifies the action we need to take in this state and across the country,” he explains, “Sow the Seeds of Liberty within ourselves, our children, and our government. Individual liberty is key to what the founders envisioned for our country.”

Opponents and endorsements

Gregg Norris and the Libertarians aren’t the only ones in the race for Ohio’s 83rd State House seat. The incumbent is State Rep. Robert Sprague (R-Findlay). But a second Republican and a 2012 GOP Primary opponent of Sprague has also entered the race as an independent - Kevin Rettig. Then there’s the Democrat nominee, attorney John Kostyo. The first sentence from the Democrat’s campaign website goes negative right from the start. Speaking of incumbent Sprague, Kostyo says, “My opponent voted against firefighters, police and school teachers, and his next vote will be against YOU.”

With two self-proclaimed ‘conservatives’ running against the Libertarian Gregg Norris, grassroots liberty-loving activists are letting the voters of Ohio know that Norris is the real ‘Liberty’ candidate in the race. The Libertarian received the endorsement of our good friends at LibertyCandidates.org.

The group announced, “LibertyCandidates.org enthusiastically welcomes Gregg Norris to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States. This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty candidate…With candidates like Gregg Norris serving the people at the state level, there is real hope for change in America.”

For more information about Gregg Norris and his campaign for Ohio State Representative, visit NorrisForStateRep.com.



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