May 25, 2014

Donna Mulvihill heats up New York Governors Race

May 25, 2014. Honeoye, NY. The Constitution Party is raising eyebrows in the race for New York Governor. The party’s nominee, Donna Mulvihill, resembles the twenty-first century version of Mrs. Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch fame. Six kids, honest, religious, great mom, and she even sports the Hollywood good looks. Already, this home-schooling mom is proving to be one formidable candidate.

Donna Mulvihill, Constitution Party candidate for NY Governor. Image courtesy of

When Donna Mulvihill of Honeoye, New York turns out to be the highest vote-getting Constitution Party candidate in the nation after this November’s General Election, remember you heard it here first. While her campaign isn’t even registering on many media outlet radars yet, the wife and mother of six is definitely making a splash among fellow parents, pro-lifers, conservatives and even independents.

Meet Donna Mulvihill

The 47-year-old Constitution Party candidate for New York Governor may be successful today, but her biography reveals that wasn’t always the case. Donna Mulvihill was the child of two 19-year-old parents who, while their fellow teenagers were enjoying adolescence, were instead learning the hard way about hard work and hard knocks. Her family’s story of diligence, devotion and rising up the ladder in pursuit of the American dream obviously still shines bright in her life, and it’s also a part of her campaign for Governor.

Mulvihill brings another unique position, one that wouldn’t even be newsworthy except one doesn’t often see it in a political conservative - she’s a naturalist and a nature-lover. The Gubernatorial candidate calls herself, “a balanced environmentalist who realizes the earth is resilient, however, humans are susceptible to health issues when exposed to excessive toxins; especially the young, the elderly and the weak in health who are vulnerable.”

One of the Constitution Party candidate’s most passionate issues is homeschooling. Unlike most of us who merely have an opinion, Donna Mulvihill and her family have lived it. And if her governing skills are half as good has her teaching skills, New York would be lucky to have her as Governor. One of her children, after years of homeschooling by Mulvihill, was nominated to West Point and eventually served in the USAF. And another is credited with skipping grades and consistently scoring in the top 5% among all New York students of the same age.

“I support total parental rights for a child’s education curriculum,” Donna Mulvihill passionately explains, “I oppose the extensive monitoring laws of homeschool parents and students created by the State of New York which subsequently made New York the least friendly state for homeschool families in the country. I support homeschool children having the right to participate in public school sports. Instead of isolating good homeschool families they should be welcomed into the schools that their tax-dollars support.”

Suggesting her campaign may gain traction among fellow parents across New York, Donna Mulvihill shows her love for parenting isn’t limited to homeschoolers. She defiantly supports fellow parents battling with their own bureaucratic school systems. “I support music and art in public school but oppose staff social workers who come in schools to investigate faulty parenting,” she says, “The purpose of schools is to educate not to information-gather.”

On the Issues - welfare

For years now, it seems that when it comes to the issue of government welfare, there are only two options. One either sides with the Democrats and supports a total welfare state or they side with the Republicans and support no welfare at all. In this author’s longtime opinion, neither works and neither represents the American tradition. There will always be poor people who are in that position through no fault of their own.

The other side of the coin is that there will always be those deceitful lazy souls determined to scam the system. The Constitution Party nominee for Governor breaks with her fellow fiscal conservatives and takes the position of a typical independent - that the government has to find a way to stop the career scammers while maintaining a meaningful safety net for those who’ve fallen down the ladder of life and simply need a quick helping hand to start climbing back up again.

Donna Mulvihill explains her campaign position by looking to her own experiences, “For many years my family has attended Bethel Christian Fellowship in Rochester where I have been involved with inner city families. I do realize welfare is a necessity for families in crisis but do not support disabling people who are able to work and cause permanent dependence on the system. I realize without welfare many would be without food and heat if the state did not help. One solution for this great problem in New York is creating more jobs for people who are searching for employment.”

Corruption, abortion and the Constitution Party

Two more passionate issues that the deeply religious and justice-oriented candidate isn’t shying away from are corruption and abortion. And somehow, she manages to work them into the same campaign message. As Mulvihill explains, there was no other political party that matched her beliefs, heart-felt sincerity and dedication more than the Constitution Party.

“As governor of New York I will have no allegiance to any agency, organization or corporation over the welfare of the people I am her to serve,” she promises, “I cannot be bought off and one of the reasons I chose the Constitution Party is that I will have freedom to be led by the wisdom of God and the conscience He created in me and not be another political puppet to groups who donate cash in exchange for favors. I will proclaim justice and mercy for every individual, not just the wealthy and politically connected, but also for those who are unable to self defend; this includes the unborn who are created in the image of God.”

The candidate explains that the Constitution Party was a natural fit for her campaign because another of her favorite issues is the US Constitution. “I am a great defender of the US Constitution that our brilliant Founding Fathers created to keep us free,” Mulvihill’s campaign website quotes her. She also touts the fact that she and her husband are small business owners, along with the lessons and experiences that brings, “As a true fiscal conservative who lives within my means, I expect my government to do the same. I support lower taxes and less government so hard working New Yorkers can have extra money they have earned, and do as they please with their income.”

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Meet Donna Mulvihill, candidate for NY Governor


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