May 9, 2014

Constitution Party takes Stands on Controversial Issues

May 9, 2014. Las Vegas. While America’s two establishment parties continue to do the opposite of what the people want, and most opposition parties hesitate to take a stand on anything other than their core issues, the Constitution Party appears to be benefiting from its willingness to jump into the fray and take unapologetic stances on the most controversial issues of the day. And it’s apparently already benefiting many of their local 2014 election candidates.

Constitution Party candidate for NV Governor, David Lory VanDerBeek, is reportedly polling 12% already in some polls. Image courtesy of

Just as an unscientific indicator for readers, we get dozens of emails every day at Opposition News from parties, candidates and readers alike with suggestions for news articles. The ones we think are newsworthy, we put into the article queue for a possible write-up. Currently, we have 2 upcoming stories about the Libertarians, 2 stories about the Greens, 1 for the Veterans, and 5 pending articles touting the Constitution Party’s recent exploits. Since Opposition News is just a frantic, one-man operation run by your author/editor Mark Wachtler, we hope you won’t mind if we squish all 5 stories into this one article.


As many have said for the past two decades, America doesn’t have an “immigration” problem. Our country has an “illegal immigration” problem. And if one looks closely enough, they’ll see the problem is limited to one neighboring country. And some have even suggested that historically speaking, it isn’t a problem of illegal immigration. It’s a full-blown foreign invasion, and it’s slowly becoming a successful invasion thanks to the assistance of America’s largest political party, which has sided with that foreign country and is doing everything in its power to ensure its success, and thus the party’s indefinite rule. That may be a minority view in America, but it’s a view that’s rapidly gaining popularity.

Readers may be surprised to learn how far apart and dynamic each of America’s largest political parties is on the issue of immigration. While the Democrats and Greens support blanket amnesty, the Libertarians support an open border and making immigration laws change as business demands for labor evolve. The Republicans and Constitution Party, however, stand opposed to both amnesty and a wide open border.

The Constitution Party recently announced, ‘In an interview with Spanish broadcasting company Telemundo, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said many deportations were “totally unjustified” and that, “When most people are apprehended, they are deported. I don’t see any reason for these deportations.” Nancy Pelosi is wrong and the American people know it. According to Rasmussen Reports, sixty percent of our fellow citizens believe the US government is not aggressive enough in deporting illegal immigrants.’

The announcement went on to quote the party’s platform saying, ‘On the issue of immigration, our platform states: “We affirm the integrity of the international borders of the United States and the Constitutional authority and duty of the federal government to guard and to protect those borders, including the regulation of the numbers and of the qualifications of immigrants into the country.”’

Constitution Party candidates

Party leaders also tout the recent success of their candidates, most of whom embrace that stance on immigration wholeheartedly. One of those is the Constitution Party candidate for Nevada Governor, David Lory VanDerBeek. “I do not support amnesty, welfare, education or any other program for illegal aliens because those programs encourage more illegal immigration,” VanDerBeek says, “Illegal immigration is a federal problem and we must force our federal government to address it by deporting illegal aliens from Nevada.” Party leaders note their candidate is already polling as high as 12% in his race.

David Lory VanDerBeek isn’t alone among the Constitution Party’s ever-growing list of candidates for the 2014 election. “We had 25 Constitution Party candidates in February. There were 30 more in March,” National Chairman Frank Fluckiger reported recently, “As of April, your Constitution Party is fielding 97 candidates across the country. The offices sought range from County Assessor to State Representative to US Senate.” David Lory VanDerBeek isn’t alone in Nevada either. 20 of the candidates are from that state.

Federal government and federal lands

Another recent event that dominated headlines for a couple weeks was the standoff in Nevada between cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the US Bureau of Land Management. When asked for an official position, party leaders seemed curious themselves and as they typically do, sought the words of the US Constitution for guidance. The CP quoted an article written by Darrell Castle that summed up their position.

The account explained that the US Constitution provides the federal government with the right to establish a national capitol, as well as, ‘military forts, magazines, arsenals, stockyards and other needful buildings.’ Noting that the Constitution limits the nation’s first capitol to a piece of land, ‘not exceeding 10 square miles’, it seems clear that the law of the land never intended for the US federal government to own 87% of the state of Nevada, 66% of the state of Utah, and 52% of the entire land mass of the western US.

So while the Constitution Party doesn’t take a stand on Mr. Bundy’s personal battle, party leaders do oppose the federal overreach demonstrated recently on national TV. ‘As you can see clearly, the Enclave clause does authorize Congress to do these things and to control land in a state under certain very limited circumstances,’ a party statement quotes Darrell Castle, ‘Those circumstances, though, certainly do not include protection of an endangered tortoise as federal government authority now insists is part of the reason for the seizure of Mr. Bundy’s cattle. It does not include selling so-called public lands to Chinese corporations for the building of solar energy plants as has been alleged.’

War over Ukraine

Another hot-button issue on the news even as these words are written is the near-civil war in Ukraine. When dozens of pro-Russian militiamen occupying eastern Ukraine were forced back into a government building and burned alive without being allowed to surrender or escape, the hostilities in Ukraine between Russian-backed militia and US-backed militia elevated to new heights. On this topic, as well as nearly all military involvement in foreign wars, all of America’s opposition parties stand united against the two establishment parties and their pro-empire agenda.

“A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found forty-seven percent of Americans want the US to reduce its role in world affairs even as the Ukraine hotspot is front page news,” Party Chairman Fluckiger told supporters recently, “The WSJ commented, ‘In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the US to be less active on the global stage, with fewer than one-fifth calling for active engagement - an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines.’”

Fluckiger insists it’s not ‘anti-interventionist’, but simply the well-documented intentions of America’s founders. “It’s not anti-interventionist,” he explains, “It is the foreign policy the Founding Fathers encouraged, and what Constitution Party candidates embrace. Our platform is clear, ‘We propose that the United States repudiate any commitment, express or implied, to send US troops to participate in foreign conflicts, whether unilaterally, under NATO auspices, or as a part of the United Nations peace-keeping operations; and cease financing, or arming of belligerents in the world’s troubled areas.’”

According to the latest reports from our friends at Ballot Access News, the party’s candidates are already ballot-qualified in 15 states and growing. For more information, visit



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