December 29, 2013

Constitution Party launches new Website, Ad campaign



December 29, 2013. America’s third largest opposition party, the Constitution Party, has just unveiled a new website and announced it will also be putting together a small, online advertising campaign. The CP national headquarters has been firing on all cylinders recently with a dedicated newsletter, email news alerts, a new website, and even a promotional campaign.

Constitution Party National Chair, Frank Fluckiger. Image courtesy of the Constitution Party.

“The Democrats and Republicans have slick media going for them, but we don’t have to play in their league. We are proudly working at the grassroots level to build a liberty movement,” said Constitution Party National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, “Remember, we are the only political party to use the Constitution as a measuring stick for the issues and our candidates. Our new website explains why.”

New website

While the site is new, the address is still the same – Another thing that hasn’t changed is the party’s platform positions. And the target of their new online campaign shows that. According to the announcement detailing the new website, Chairman Fluckiger gave a few examples illustrating the voter demographic that typically supports the Constitution Party:

  • One in five voters identify with the Tea Party
  • 35% of voters say they are pro-life
  • 58% of respondents to a poll say stricter gun laws give the government too much power
  • Over 2,000,000 parents home school their children 

The announcement goes on to say, ‘These voters need a political party that is consistent and loyal to their principles. Let’s give them a chance to see the Constitution Party website and give them an opportunity to make an impact for the issues that are most important to them.’

Online ad campaign

In a separate Constitution Party announcement recently, party organizers did something they rarely do. They quoted the New York Times. And it doesn’t just apply to the CP. It applies to all independents and opposition voters. “It’s not often I read in a major newspaper that there is an urgent need for a third party,” the CP announcement starts, “This past Sunday there was a forum in the New York Times of all places. It started with this comment from a retired professor of economics:

‘The two-party system has become a curse. It is responsible for a destructive polarization of American society and government.’”

The Constitution Party’s point wasn’t the fact that the NY Times quoted some professor condemning America’s two-party system. The more important fact was that the story was followed by a hurricane of reader comments, overwhelmingly in support of a third choice – any third choice. American voters truly seem fed up. The trick is getting them to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and try voting for the good guy/girl for a change, regardless of party affiliation.

The party announcement quoted one recent Gallup poll which showed that 52% of Republicans and 49% of Democrats are seeking alternative candidates outside of the two establishment parties. That’s why they say now is the time to reach out to them, not to mention the millions of unregistered, disinterested Americans out there.

The Constitution Party’s National Chairman Frank Fluckiger didn’t hesitate to admit that even though the American people are frustrated and angry, the obstacles the two establishment parties have thrown in their way make it difficult to take advantage of the opportunity. “Despite the hospitable political climate we are working in, the Constitution Part has practical and burdensome issues to deal with,“ Fluckiger concedes, “Ballot access is number one. Outreach is second. We have a brand new website. We need to promote this exciting new recruitment tool.”

The CP National Chair went on to talk about plans to continue reaching out to like-minded Americans from other political groups and ideologies, especially those whose platforms compliment the Constitution Party’s. “We have friends in the Tea Party, right-to-life movement, homeschoolers, and so many more patriots looking for a political home,” Fluckiger explains, “They just need to know we are here.”

For more information on the Constitution Party and to see their new website, visit


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