December 5, 2013

American Freedom Party warns Gun Confiscations here



December 5, 2013. New York. Members of the American Freedom Party in New York City are warning that firearm confiscations have begun. And just as the gun rights advocates warned us, government officials are working off of state firearm registration lists. Notices went out in the mail and began arriving two weeks ago. Many gun owners are outraged, and afraid.

The NYPD notice sent to gun owners two weeks ago. Image courtesy of the American Freedom Party.


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American Freedom Party

In their announcement titled, ‘It’s True: Government is aggressively engaged in Gun Confiscation in the US,’ The American Freedom Party cites a recent article from the website Truth About Guns. The AFP begins their warning, ‘A report from is claiming that New York gun owners are being sent letters from the N.Y.P.D. demanding them to surrender their guns which have feeding capacities that violate the 5-round rule.’

The party also quotes a handful of journalists and politicians who just recently warned that the systemized confiscation of firearms was going to occur soon. One was Canadian journalist Brian Lilley from Sun News who warned earlier this year that gun registrations would lead to gun confiscations. He turned out to be right, and much quicker than anyone would have imagined.

Actually, one person who could imagine it was NY Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin who in January of this year challenged New York’s firearms law asserting that it could lead to the forced confiscation of assault rifles. In reality, the city now appears to be confiscating all rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than (5) bullets – which is the vast majority of firearms in general. Revolutionary War muskets and double-barrel shotguns are about the only rifles that come to mind that can’t hold more than five rounds.

The official letter

One gun owner in New York forwarded the letter he or she received from the City of New York. The official notice was dated November 18, 2013 and sent from ‘NYPD Rifle & Shotgun.’ The first sentence of the notice is as ominous as it is intimidating (click on the AFP link for an enlarged version of the NYPD letter).

‘It appears that you are in possession of a rifle and/or shotgun (listed below) that has an ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition,’ the letter from the New York Police Department to gun owners begins, ‘Rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition are unlawful to possess in New York City, as per NYC Administrative Code 10-306 (b).’ 

The notice gives gun owners three options to comply with the law:

  • Immediately surrender the firearm(s) to the local police station and provide an invoice number to the city as evidence.
  • Permanently remove the firearm(s) from New York City and provide evidence in the form of receipts, utility bills, payments, or a host of other documents to prove the guns in question are no longer in the city.
  • Challenge the letter’s merit and bring the firearm(s) to a registered gun smith to have them verified. If not compliant, the gun smith must be allowed to modify the firearms to bring them into compliance or they will not be returned to the owner.

On the NYPD notice being circulated by the American Freedom Party, the particular New York resident who volunteered it is shown to own three firearms. All three are .22 caliber long rifles with one being a simple bolt-action rifle. To show how serious the city is, immediately below the list of firearms deemed in violation is the name and phone number of the “investigator” assigned to each gun owner’s case.

AFP and Veterans

Proving that the gun confiscations are not isolated and are occurring across the country, the AFP announcement reminds supporters that in April, California also passed a gun confiscation law. There, $24 million was approved to carry out the confiscation of an estimated 40,000 firearms in the state. The law appeared to exempt average law-abiding citizens, until the government began enforcing it.

Banned from owning firearms in California were ex-felons, which almost all of the state’s citizens supported. But with only veterans groups shouting a warning, all of a sudden veterans began finding themselves on the list of people not allowed to own a gun. It wasn’t because they were felons. It was because they were veterans of the Gulf War, Iraq War, Afghan War, or any combination of the three. Any veterans seeing a psychologist or taking medication for depression, PTSD or any other common affliction is legally, ‘emotionally unfit to own firearms.’

California raiding homes with assault forces

As detailed in the AFP account, the state of California is using Armed & Prohibited Persons System (APPS) to enter and search homes for guns. It quotes former Justice Dept. Special Agent Greg Cameron during a recent interview with NRA News describing how the California raids went down, and how unwarranted they appeared to be.

The account quotes Special Agent Cameron explaining, “Ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of the firearms we confiscated, I really questioned why we were confiscating them. This whole freakin’ APPS thing is not doing anyone any good. This has amounted to nothing less than gun confiscation under the guise of safety.”

For those like your author who’ve been on the citizens’ side of an unjust and unwarranted armed federal raid, it was humorous to read Agent Cameron’s feelings from law enforcement’s side of the assault. He explained his personal experiences to NRA News reporter Ginny Simone in a video released on YouTube.

“We would show up with way too many agents for the circumstance, and it didn’t make any sense. There was no need for it,” former DOJ Agent Cameron explained, “And yeah, the whole place would be surrounded, and absolutely, there’s an intimidation factor there that makes people allow — or think that they need to allow — law enforcement into their house. And if we found out there were guns in the house, then we would confiscate them. I think it is, overbroad, overreaching. I think it’s confiscation under the guise of safety. That’s absolutely what I think it is.”

A history lesson

As a history lesson for readers who may be confused by their TV or the public education they received as a child, the founding fathers always said that if at any time in the future there is disagreement over what was intended by the words they chose to use in the Bill of Rights and the rest of America’s founding document, we should look to their personal public writings for detailed explanations.

Twenty-five years ago, your author took on that challenge and researched what exactly it was they meant by the words of the 2nd Amendment, which describes a well regulated militia and the right of the people to keep and bear arms. History’s records clearly show they intended for the general population to have the right to be armed, not just a government controlled force.

And even more interesting, America’s founders proved they were some of the wisest people the world has ever seen. They foresaw men like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and a host of other genocidal maniacs. To insure America would never, ever fall to the military might of a dictator, the founders said two things. With memories of Lexington and Concord fresh on their minds, they insisted that all citizens be armed.

Second, they insisted that if a limit ever needed to be placed on powerful future weapons, the American people should always be able to own whatever the standard US infantry rifle is. Because that would guarantee, in all future times and places, that the American people would at least have a fighting chance against their own government.

Abraham Lincoln understood that uniquely American freedom, that in itself guarantees the rest of America’s freedoms. In no uncertain terms, Lincoln once explained that the 2nd Amendment is what has been protecting America from foreign invaders all these years, not some giant standing army:

“All the armies of Europe and Asia, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Today, Americans are basically taught that people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and James Madison (whoever he is, right) are just crusty old, racist, sexist, white guys. They’re stupid. And the things they believed in, like the 2nd Amendment, freedom, liberty, are stupid too. Well, we’ll all see just how stupid they were. The public gun confiscations of the future are happening and they’re happening today.

For more information, read the American Freedom Party report, ‘It’s True: Government is aggressively engaged in Gun Confiscation in the US.’


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