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Jesse Ventura endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson

July 19, 2016. (ONN) After much speculation about a Presidential bid of his own, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura officially endorsed Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson. Both men are former Governors who ser…

Will Bernie Sanders run as a Green?

June 29, 2016. Burlington, VT (ONN) Now that the national media has declared Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential nominee, independent Senator Bernie Sanders has a choice to make - run as the Green Party nominee in Nov…

Does Trump Prove Saying “Sorry” is a Sign of Weakness?

June 21, 2016. (ONN) The American public is all too aware that Mr. Donald Trump tends to stick his foot in his mouth more often than any other presidential candidate. But in reality does it really go against him or is it part…

Castle and Constitution Party using Crowd Petitioning

June 15, 2016. Lincoln, NE (ONN) You’ve heard of Crowd Funding before. Welcome to Crowd Petitioning. Since America’s two establishment political parties have put in place unfair barriers and hurdles to keep opposition politic…

5 Minute Video of 25 Celebrities who support 3rd Parties

June 11, 2016. Hollywood, CA (ONN) Well known videographer of America’s political opposition, Jeff 4 Justice, has just released a short video in support of the new endeavor ‘No More 2 Party System’. Jeff is famous for surpris…
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Libertarian Party

July 27th
From LifeZette.com on July 26: "Recent polling in the 2016 presidential race reveals a seemingly counterintuitive result: Donald Trump widens his lead when pollsters include Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson compared with a head-to-head matchup w…
July 26th
Dear Libertarian, Many of us have Bernie-supporting Democratic friends who are feeling pretty jaded right now. I bet you know someone who is. Maybe a close friend, a family member, a Facebook friend… They just worked so hard for a candidate they b…

Green Party

July 24th
  Arn Menconi, running for U.S. Senate for the Green Party in Colorado and on the ballot in November, will participate in several events in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention from July 25, 2016 to July 28, 2016. The events will ra…
July 21st
The Wyoming Green Party held its statewide meeting on July 19.  The meeting included a combination of long-time Green Party members, young voters, and supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Constitution Party

July 11th
by Gary Odom, political activist and former National Field Director for the Constitution Party   Most Americans have been led to believe that that the United States has a two-party political system. In fact, of course, the Constitution…
July 4th
4 July 2016 – Before being elected President, while serving in Congress, James Garfield stated at the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1876: “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character …

Peace & Freedom Party

July 17th
Posted on July 17, 2016 by the State Executive Committee The Peace and Freedom Party State Executive Committee adopted the following resolution on July 2, 2016 meeting. The Peace and Freedom Party condemns the brutal repression on June 19, 2016 against …
June 12th
Posted on June 12, 2016 by the Webmaster If you registered out of the Peace and Freedom Party in order to vote for Bernie Sanders, now is the time to register back into the party. If you have never been registered Peace and Freedom, now is the time to joi…

Justice Party

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America's Party

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American Freedom Party

July 23rd
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Saturday became the first European leader to endorse US presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling him a “better option” for the bloc than his rival, Hillary Clinton. “I am not a Donald Trump ca…
July 23rd
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Saturday said Donald Trump had proposed security policies that Europe should take to heart to solve a security crisis he blames on uncontrolled immigration. Speaking at a summer university in Baile Tusnad, Romania,…

Reform Party

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Party for Socialism & Liberation

July 26th
Amid a new scandal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was left no alternative but to step down from her role as the chairwoman of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, in seeking to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democrat…
July 25th
July 24th, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, the Party for Socialism and Liberation participated in the march for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philadelphia, Penn. The post ‘March for a Clean Energy Revolution’ outside the DNC a…

Independent American Party

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Socialist Party

Working Families Party

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Socialist Equality Party

July 26th
From the beginning the Sanders campaign was a political trap to corral social opposition and contain it within the Democratic Party.
July 26th
The great unmentionable in the 2016 election is the far-advanced US preparation for military conflict against Russia and China.

Veterans Party

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American Independent Party

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