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IL Republicans terrorize Libertarians with Guns at their Homes

August 22, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) Illinois Republican Party operatives may have gotten themselves in serious criminal trouble over the past two weeks. During a week-long battle at the IL Board of Elections over the validity of …

CA Peace n Freedom gets Candidate into General Election

August 18, 2014. San Pedro, CA. (ONN) California’s notorious Top Two election system struck again. The process that was promised to open up elections to regular citizens has actually shut them out completely. The most immedia…

Constitution Party says blame Voters, not Illegal Immigrants

August 16, 2014. Spokane Valley, WA. (ONN) The recent onslaught of illegal immigrants streaming across America’s southern border has elicited passionate responses from both sides of the issue. Militiamen and volunteer border …

WV Greens reorganize with Mountain Party

August 11, 2014. Sutton, WV. (ONN) The Mountain Party of West Virginia, the local affiliate of the national Green Party, just held its bi-annual State Convention. The party’s Executive Committee unanimously voted in new party…

SEP rallies to protest Israeli assault on Gaza

August 8, 2014. Champaign-Urbana, IL. (ONN) The Socialist Equality Party’s strongholds are Michigan, Illinois and Ohio, but like many socialist political parties, they have a global presence. And the party used that wide foot…

Libertarian Mom running for US Senate in Minnesota

August 5, 2014. Minneapolis. (ONN) Heather Johnson may not have much experience as a government official. But as the mother of two daughters and the Secretary of the Minnesota Libertarian Party, she has plenty of experience b…
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Constitution Party

August 21st
19 August 2014 -  Ballot Access News -  August 19 is the deadline for Alaska independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to submit petitions. The Constitution Party is submitting approximately 4,400 for Governor and 4,300 fo…
August 20th
20 August 2014 by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman The Constitution Party is a unique and reliable political force in America. Our candidates use the Constitution as the basis of their platforms, and freely quote the Founding Fathers to underscore their…

America's Party

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American Freedom Party

August 21st
Nearly every intelligent witness to the nearly seven decades of Israel’s alliance with the United States and Western Europe now understands that the affair is about to be over. In 1948 and the years that immediately followed, the alliance was the sa…
August 19th
by Tony Lee | Companies that have recently laid off workers are scheming to get President Barack Obama to give them more guest-worker visas by executive action. After the New York Times reported that Obama is working on crafting executive actions behind c…

Reform Party

August 18th
For Immediate Release Raleigh, NC – The Reform Party of North Carolina announced that it will endorse four write in candidates for the upcoming 2014 elections. Since the party was refounded only a few months ago, it did not have the time to recruit …
August 15th
Reality warp: The power of self-interest and self-image Reform Party of California Commentary The Reform Party of California (RPCA) recently raised the issue of whether the political intelligence industry (PII), an obscure but lucrative creature that cong…

Socialist Party

Objectivist Party

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Candidate Spotlight

Adam Shbeita - Peace & Freedom Party candidate for US Congress in CA. Read, 'CA Peace & Freedom gets Candidate into General Election' for more information.

Libertarian Party

August 22nd
The Chicago Sun-Times has recently provided some coverage of Libertarian ballot access efforts in Illinois. On July 29, the Sun-Times published an article, "Libertarians work to stay on Illinois ballot." Here is a quote: Brian S. Lambrecht knew the signat…
August 21st
From the New York LP: Albany, NY — The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 30,000 signatures Tuesday to afford New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the two major parties.  Libertarian Party State Chair Mark Axinn comm…

Green Party

July 9th
Dear [[First_Name]], Our national meeting in Saint Paul, Minnesota is fast approaching and we are getting excited! We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Green Party in the United States. We are heading back to Macalester Coll…
July 2nd
Dear [[First_Name]], This Independence Day, sustain your independence from corporate power and politicians. Sign up to become a monthly, sustaining donor [ https://salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/175/donate_page/recurring ] to the Green Party of the United St…

Peace & Freedom Party

July 22nd
Posted on July 22, 2014 by the Webmaster Statement of Peace and Freedom Party State Chair Kevin Akin, 22 July 2014. The following statement was adopted by the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party at its meeting on November 18…
July 3rd
Posted on July 3, 2014 by the Webmaster Final results of the June 3 statewide election are now available from the Secretary of State. Here are the results for the candidates and measures endorsed by the Peace and Freedom Party. In the 44th Congressional D…

Justice Party

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Party for Socialism & Liberation

June 15th
Some aspects of the contradictions of capitalism (i.e: the cost of running shoes) end up becoming part of the background noise of everyday life.
June 15th
On June 10, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved legislation to close a loophole which allowed businesses to keep unspent money from workers healthcare spending accounts.

Veterans Party

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Socialist Equality Party

August 22nd
The installation of General Prayuth indicates that the junta is entrenching itself and intends to rule directly, rather than through a quasi-civilian government.
August 22nd
The Obama administration’s latest settlement with Bank of America imposes a wrist-slap fine and shields bankers from prosecution.

Independent American Party

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Socialist Workers Party

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American Independent Party

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