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Constitution Party launches Voter 16 Campaign

July 6, 2015. Lancaster, PA. (ONN) The Constitution Party’s 2012 Presidential candidate, former Congressman Virgil Goode, had ballot access in 26 states with official write-in status in 16 more. While most opposition politica…

Working Families Party is going National

June 28, 2015. Brooklyn. (ONN) For a group that’s 17 years old, the Working Families Party is still introducing itself to voters across the nation. That’s because the center-left organization concentrates on local elections a…

FL Parents launch new Family Party, Slate for 2016

June 23, 2015. Miami. (ONN) In case you haven’t heard, the Dept of Human Services and its DCFS/CPS wing are out of control and countless families across America are being unjustly victimized. Now, parents in Florida are comin…

Green Party Convention in July, Spring Newsletter out

June 15, 2015. St. Louis. (ONN) The Green Party national convention is coming up next month in St. Louis from July 23-26. There is still time to register for the four-day event. The Party also recently published the Spring ed…

US Opposition Leader survives Assassination Attempt

June 10, 2015. Chicago (ONN). If you thought Russia and China were the only places that political opposition leaders get assassinated, think again. In the early morning hours of June 6th, gun shots crashed through the windows…

Wachtler represents the Opposition on Liberty Talk Radio

May 31, 2015. Tulsa, OK. (ONN) Opposition News editor and author Mark Wachtler was the featured guest on this week’s Liberty Talk Radio. The one-hour televised radio show touched on numerous subjects. But the discussion retur…
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Constitution Party

June 29th
by Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson;  June 26, 2015 There is simply no other way to say it.   The Supreme Court’s decision today redefining marriage to include couples of the same sex is wholly illegitimate and unlawful.  more &r…
May 29th
29 May 2016   The Constitution Party’s “Voter ’16 Campaign” has now begun. Please read the attached newsletter to get the all the details. I urge you to understand why this is the most ambitious program our party has undertake…

America's Party

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American Freedom Party

July 6th
Donald Trump has been under fire for remarks he made on illegal immigrants during the announcement of his candidacy. “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” He said. “When Mexico sends its people, they…
July 6th
Hate speech laws are going in all around the world, and progressive activists in the United States want to use these kinds of laws to destroy free speech in America. You see, the truth is that these hate speech laws that are being implemented all over the…

Reform Party

June 17th
The Reform Party of Florida is now on Facebook. It is possible to visit there page by clicking on this link. The post Reform Party of Florida Starts New Facebook Page appeared first on Reform Party National Committee.
April 21st
Syndicated from the Reform Party of Chicago I am an American – Bill Wojtas In the earliest years of the twentieth century, all four of my grandparents emigrated here from Eastern Europe to escape the ravages of war, poverty and hunger. To be honest,…

Socialist Party

Candidate Spotlight

This week's Candidate Spotlight is on Calvin Tillman, a pro-green Libertarian just elected to the Aubrey, TX City Council. Read the Libertarian Party announcement for more information.

Libertarian Party

July 6th
LP Colorado state chair and former Libertarian candidate Lily Williams will speak on two panels at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas this week: Wednesday, July 8 5:40pm – panel on the American Dream Friday, July 10 3:30pm – panel on China Williams was…
July 3rd
The New Jersey Libertarian Party will be running six candidates for partisan office this November, including two for the state legislature, one for county office, and three for local office. New Jersey is one of four states which conducts races for their …

Green Party

July 6th
The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has endorsed MILegalize, the more grassroots of two officially approved initiative petitions on legalizing marijuana in Michigan. GPMI chair Chris Silva of East Lansing is personally working with MILegalize's sponsors, o…
June 29th
The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) welcomes the US Supreme Court's decision this week to recognize that marriage is a fundamental right for all, including same-sex couples. John Anthony La Pietra of Marshall says: "As we welcome the Court majority's recog…

Peace & Freedom Party

June 23rd
By Roger D. Harris Posted on June 23, 2015 by the Communications Committee To download this article for printing and distribution, click here. Global warming demands immediate and practical solutions. Such solutions are available, and they would enhanc…
June 19th
Posted on June 19, 2015 by the webmaster The Peace and Freedom Party will present a workshop on building an independent working class electoral party at the U.S. Social Forum San Jose on June 26. When: Friday, June 26 from 1:00pm to 2:30pmWhere: Sacred…

Justice Party

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Party for Socialism & Liberation

July 7th
The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is pleased to present a new book, Revolution Manifesto: Understanding Marx and Lenin’s Theory of Revolution from Liberation Media. The post New book from the PSL! Revolution Manifesto: Understanding Marx …
July 6th
Chanting “Shame, shame, HPD!” and “There’s no excuse for systems of abuse,” 80 people rallied and marched on the Hartford Police Department in response to the latest incident of police brutality in the city. The post Hartford…

Veterans Party

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Socialist Equality Party

July 6th
Lawmakers are working to end, or significantly reduce, defined-benefit pension plans for all city and municipal workers.
July 6th
In response to the vote by Greek workers against austerity, the EU is demanding that its program of cuts be implemented, while Syriza lurches further to the right.

Working Families Party

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Independent American Party

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American Independent Party

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