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Illinois Greens elect 3 Candidates on April 7th

April 21, 2015. Galesburg, IL. (ONN) The Green Party of Illinois has been busy in the campaign trenches over the past six months and the encompassing two elections. In November, the Illinois Greens saw their entire statewide …

Veterans Party gets first Election Win

April 15, 2015. Commerce, OK. (ONN) The Veterans Party of America made history last week. The young new political party notched its first-ever election victory with an overwhelming win in the race for Mayor of Commerce, Oklah…

Peace and Freedom fights Militarization of Santa Cruz

April 9, 2015. Santa Cruz, CA. (ONN) The California Peace and Freedom Party waged an organized effort to challenge the city of Santa Cruz over its announced acquisition of an armored military assault vehicle. In December, the…

New Libertarian Logo, AR offensive and Chicago Black Sites

March 31, 2015. Little Rock, AR. (ONN) The Libertarian Party has been busy. Most notably, the Party is in the middle of a contest to design a new logo. Once the large number of entries are narrowed down, committee members wil…

PSL condemns Obama Sanctions against Venezuela

March 26, 2015. Washington. (ONN) Two weeks ago, President Obama issued an Executive Order putting in place sanctions against leaders of Venezuela. The US President accused the impoverished South American country of being a t…

WI Greens field 7 Candidates for April 7 Election

March 19, 2015. Madison, WI. (ONN) Seven is the lucky number for the Wisconsin Green Party this year. That’s how many local candidates the state affiliate is running for Mayor and City Council in two Wisconsin cities, includi…
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Constitution Party

April 6th
No civil government may legitimately authorize or define marriage or family relations, as affirmed by the 10th amendment, delegating to the people as our founders understood the family as necessary to the general welfare.We affirm the importance of Biblic…
March 26th
by National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger 26 March 2015 Some members contact me and complain that the American voters are not waking up in time. I understand their frustration. News headlines remind me each day how far this nation has strayed more »

America's Party

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American Freedom Party

April 23rd
In an article by The Alternative Right, Colin Liddell writes: The HuffPost is apparently cock-a-hoop about the fact that mass immigration and falling birthrates seem set to reduce Whites to a minority in the USA within a few decades. They also think it is…
April 21st
Late Sunday we were informed that AFP member Tyler Cole of Oregon passed away suddenly on Friday, April 17, 2015. Tyler was one of the early founders of California’s political group Freedom 14, Freedom 14 became American3P, then American 3rd Positio…

Reform Party

April 21st
Syndicated from the Reform Party of Chicago I am an American – Bill Wojtas In the earliest years of the twentieth century, all four of my grandparents emigrated here from Eastern Europe to escape the ravages of war, poverty and hunger. To be honest,…
April 20th
The Reform Party has boots on the ground in Oklahoma, Alabama and Connecticut. Organizers have volunteered to aid the Reform Party in rebuilding these affiliates. If you are interested in helping the Reform Party, and working towards rebuilding these stat…

Socialist Party

Candidate Spotlight

This week's Candidate Spotlight is on Michael Hart, Veterans Party candidate for Commerce, OK Mayor. Read 'Veterans Party gets first Election Win' for details.

Libertarian Party

April 24th
From Leigh Lachine, Chair of the Libertarian State Leaders Alliance: On May 28-31, 2015, the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) will be among the sponsors of the first Libertarian Political Expo (LPEX) (www.lpex.or…
April 23rd
Yesterday's episode (4/22/2015) of Libertarians Working For You hosted by Arvin Vohra is now available online, featuring guests Dr. Cisse Spragins, chair of the Missouri LP, and Russ Monchil, an elected member of the Mirabile School Board in Mis…

Green Party

April 23rd
The Green Party of Philadelphia(GPOP) objects to Mayor Michael Nutter's budget for Fiscal 2016 because it heaps the cost of school services upon poor and working people. Meeting on April 22 at Cavanaugh's Restaurant in University City, Green Party members…
April 22nd
Oil train derails in Philadelphia, Landfill seeks expansion in Northeastern Pennsylvania, rising levels of toxic radon gas in homes near drilling sites: the news goes from bad to worse. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection a…

Peace & Freedom Party

April 10th
By Cindy Gordon Posted on April 10, 2015 by the Los Angeles County Central Committee Los Angeles activists gathered in front of Congressman Xavier Becerra’s (D-34) office Thursday, April 2 for a rally and press conference to persuade him to re…
April 2nd
Posted on March 11, 2015 by the Webmastser, last updated April 3, 2015 Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC) will start Monday, March 23, 2015 and will happen on the 23rd of each month. This date emphasizes the 23 or more hou…

Justice Party

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Party for Socialism & Liberation

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Veterans Party

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Socialist Equality Party

April 24th
President Obama’s admission that CIA drone missiles killed two hostages held by Al Qaeda has evoked no significant questioning of the program of targeted killings.

Working Families Party

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Independent American Party

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American Independent Party

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