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Libertarian Candidates made History in 2014

December 20, 2014. Sacramento, CA. (ONN) If you are a Libertarian, there is reason to celebrate. It turns out the Libertarian Party’s candidates in last month’s midterm Election made history. While few LP candidates won their…

Constitution Party gets December Election Win in LA

December 17, 2014. Eunice, LA. (ONN) The Constitution Party elected another public official in the state of Louisiana last week. After the votes were tallied from the statewide election, the Constitution Party’s Randy Fonteno…

Justice Party announces Three-Year Objective

December 14, 2014. Park City, UT. (ONN) Last week, the Justice Party national steering committee met with Party co-founder and 2012 Presidential nominee Rocky Anderson. The Party’s third anniversary was Friday and the gathere…

PSL teams with NALC to save the US Postal Service

December 12, 2014. Rockville, MD. (ONN) In January, the US Postal Service is planning to close or consolidate 82 mail processing centers across America. Management insists it’s required to maintain the Service’s balance sheet…

Open Letter from Leonard Peltier

December 9, 2014. Leavenworth, KS. (ONN) In 1973, a 71-day armed stand-off at the Wounded Knee Reservation between members of the American Indian Movement and US authorities launched a bloody and deadly revolt by Native Ameri…

Global Green Party Wins explode worldwide Membership

December 6, 2014. Istanbul, Turkey. (ONN) The Green Party is arguably the second largest political party in the world with active affiliates in countries across the globe. And thanks to a slew of recent election victories in …
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Constitution Party

December 16th
16 December 2014 Frank Fluckiger National Chairman   Our “Money Bomb” has just gone over the top. That’s right, the goal of raising $15,000 by the end of the year has been met by generous patriots like you. In addition more »
December 10th
10 December 2014 by Frank Fluckiger National Chairman On December 6, Randy Fontenot, a registered member of the Constitution Party, defeated his Democratic opponent in the race for Chief of Police for the City of Eunice. On November 4, Fontenot …

America's Party

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American Freedom Party

December 10th
Sources in the mainstream media expressed outrage after a grand jury declined to indict a New York City policeman in the death of Eric Garner, but there are 11 significant facts that many of them have chosen to overlook: There is no doubt that Garner was …
December 10th
The U.S. birth rate reached an all-time low in 2013, as the number of babies born in the country declined for the sixth straight year since the peak in 2007, a new report finds. The country’s birth rate dipped to 62.5 births per 1,000 women between …

Reform Party

November 14th
For Immediate Release Louisburg, NC – The Reform Party of North Carolina has reorganized its Franklin County affiliate. The members of that county have picked Rick Kasa to serve as the founding chairman of the affiliate. This makes the third county …
October 15th
The conviction of former Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Patrick Cannon stands as an example of the corruption in North Carolina politics. According to news reports, Cannon accepted over 48,000 in cash, airline tickets, a hotel room and use of a luxury ap…

Socialist Party

Candidate Spotlight

This week's Candidate Spotlight is on Randy Fontenot, the newly elected Chief of Police of Eunice, LA and a victorious Constitution Party candidate this month. Read 'Constitution Party gets December Win in LA' for details.

Libertarian Party

December 17th
The Libertarian Party won more votes in top-of-ticket races in the November 2014 election than any alternative party in the United States in the last 100 years and the second-highest in the nation's history. Top-of-ballot office is defined to mean Governo…
December 15th
Carla Howell spoke to Press TV on Monday in response to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s recent claim that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would definitely win the 2016 presidential election by “a large majority.” “Senator Chuck Schu…

Green Party

October 25th
Dear Friend, The time has never been better for a Green breakthrough! Please take a quick look at these seven high powered, inspirational Green campaigns across the country. You can give all of them the boost they need with a single click of your mouse …
October 22nd
Dear Friends, Sometimes there is an election in one state that progressives all over the United States get excited about. I'm sure you can think of examples. Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold's first campaigns come to mind, for me. So do those of Matt Go…

Peace & Freedom Party

December 20th
Posted on December 20, 2014 by the the Communications Committee Photo by George Cammarota Introduction By Marsha Feinland The historic downtown Berkeley Post Office is still public property and is still open. A group called “First They Came for …
December 4th
Posted on December 4, 2014 by the webmaster This statement was adopted by the State Central Committee on November 16, 2014. The Peace and Freedom Party deeply appreciates that many issues important to working people are raised by Bernie Sanders in the U.S…

Justice Party

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Party for Socialism & Liberation

December 19th
Originally published Dec. 16 by Haïti Liberté. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned at almost midnight on Sat., Dec. 13, culminating a tumultuous week of demonstrations, diplomatic theater, and backroom political maneuvering. But the move, …
December 19th
Originally published Dec. 3 by Haïti Liberté . A nationwide uprising against the regime of business partners President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe continued to gain steam this week with massive demonstrations in several …

Veterans Party

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Socialist Equality Party

December 19th
As part of last month’s Remembrance Day ceremonies, Canada’s National War Memorial in Ottawa was rededicated to include Canadian soldiers who perished in the Boer and Afghan Wars.
December 19th
The European powers have issued only pro-forma and self-serving statements on the US Senate report into torture and extraordinary rendition by the US and its allies.

Working Families Party

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Independent American Party

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American Independent Party

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